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Moving can be stressful and tiresome for all involved family members. Having to move while pregnant can be even more so; such stress is not good for either the unborn child or the mother. When a relocation must take place, finding a reliable moving company to help is a priority. To reduce relocation stress, consider the convenient tips referenced below and then let the movers take care of everything.

Plan Early

Avoid the disorganization stress that can come the last few days before movers arrive by planning early. Schedule a moving service well in advance of the relocation date, then start to organize. Downsize by selling or donating unneeded items. Gather personal records and arrange for the change of utilities, mail, and other services.

Make a "To Do" list and keep any pre-move anxiety under control by checking off items one by one. By starting a number of weeks ahead of time, all the little details will eventually get done. This can then leave plenty of time for actual packing and relocation.

One especially important issue is finding healthcare providers at the new location. Start researching right away and arrange for the transfer of medical records from the current provider. Schedule necessary visits early so there is no problem getting in as a new patient.

Pack Slowly

To prevent the possibility of injury, start slowly packing the house as soon as possible to avoid needing to rush. Purchase a good supply of necessary packing materials and begin wrapping and stashing away lesser used items first, then moving forward as the deadline nears. Label all boxes with their contents and destination room. This will help make unpacking easier after the moving company delivers everything.   

Ask for Help

It is important that expectant moms avoid trying to do it all alone when it comes to packing and moving a house. Although it may seem like the list of things to get done is endless, realize some things may require the help of others. Understand the tasks that should be avoided and ask for help.

Rely on other willing helpers; host a packing party or ask friends and relatives to come over for an evening to help. Enjoy the company of friends and family while getting things done in preparation of the move.

Above All - Do Not Overdo

Expectant mothers must take special care of themselves when preparing for a move and avoid pushing themselves physically beyond what is safe. Discuss the move with your doctor in order to determine if there are any restrictions to be followed  - and always use common sense. Stay well hydrated, eat properly, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and never lift anything that is too heave. The movers and other helpers can do any heavy lifting.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Pack a bag with a couple of days worth of necessities to make self-care easier while the moving company is taking care of everything else. Keep clothes, personal care items, snacks, prenatal vitamins, and anything else required to stay comfortable and healthy, especially if the relocation involves staying in a hotel along the way. Keep a copy of important medical records on hand, just in case.

The most important thing for expectant moms to remember when preparing to relocate is that they must take care of themselves and their babies first. By planning ahead, getting some help with the packing, and discussing the situation with the moving company, moms can stay relaxed and know that they are in good hands. The whole purpose of hiring movers all along is to make the relocation to a new home easier and stress-free!

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