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Moving can be expensive. Whether a move is work-related, due to the sale of a home, or necessary for some other reason, residential moving services can be costly. Moving companies charge based on a few different factors, including the amount of space items take on their truck, the weight of those items, and the distance the items must be shipped. Considering all of this, one of the best ways for families to reduce the cost of local moving services is to have a pre-move garage sale!

Having A Garage Sale Makes Sense!

Before a big move is one of the best times to have a garage sale. Since everything must be sorted and packed anyway, there is no better time for separating unwanted and unused items and setting them aside. In doing so, it is possible to benefit in multiple ways. There be fewer items for household moving companies to pack up and load onto the moving truck, then unload at the new destination and the entire load will be lighter. Most significantly, these unwanted items can be traded for cash. This cash, along with a smaller and lighter load to move, means a more cost-effective move and less wallet pain.

Plan Ahead for Garage Sale Success

The best time to hold a garage sale is on a Friday or Saturday that is not on a holiday. Make sure to publicize the sale. Announce the date, time, and address in the local newspaper a couple of weeks ahead of time and put up some flyers. Advertising on Craigslist, Facebook, and on any local online newsletters or bulletin boards can help spread the word as well. Use as many types of free advertising as possible. Then, get to work sorting through things.

Go through general household items and clothing and sort through everything that is in “storage for later” in the garage, basement, closets, and attics. With anything that has not been used in a year or two, make an honest judgment on whether it is likely to be used again anytime soon. If not, add it to the sale. Some high interest items such as sporting or exercise equipment; furniture, appliances; gardening and landscaping equipment; and brand name clothing will help generate interest to get people there. Good prices offering a deal will help sell these items and many others. Always remember the goal, which is to reduce the load that local moving services must handle, and to raise funds for moving.

The Day of the Sale

Set up early the day of the sale, or even the day before, if possible. Display large items prominently where they will draw attention from the street. Organize smaller items by setting them on folding tables, in bins and boxes, and various other ways. Make sure everything has a price on it, since many people will not bother to ask when items are not priced, which could mean a lost sale.

Make sure there is a power source for plugging in electrical items; keep batteries handy as well, so buyers can try out items, if necessary. Most importantly, be prepared to bargain. Again, the goal is to reduce items before moving and to raise funds, so be negotiable. Have a supply of grocery bags to load purchases into and send buyers on their way. Lastly, donate any items that do not sell to charity to avoid adding them back to the moving load.

A garage sale can be just the thing to help ease the pocketbook pain that comes with moving. Selling unwanted and unneeded items before moving is a great way to lighten the load for local moving services and to partially fund the move. With a good plan and a little motivation, any garage sale can be a success, making the price of household moving companies a bit more affordable!

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