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College campuses across the country are buzzing with activity these days, as classes are starting up once again. For many students, this means hitting the books and also calling a moving company to help them move into a dorm, apartment, or rented house. College season is a busy time for many local moving companies, with many students requiring moving services during the next few weeks. With this in mind, here are some helpful tips that moving services can offer to students moving to college for the school year.

Book A Moving Company Early

Whether moving in the fall or beginning in the winter semester, it is important that anyone seeking moving services schedule their move early with a moving company. Many moving companies get busy right around back to school time, trying to get everyone settled in their new residence in time for the first class. Scheduling early ensures that moving services can fit even a small move into their schedule and be there at the required time, considering that some colleges assign specific move-in times.

Make A List of Items to Bring

Starting with the most obvious and essential items, students should compile a list of all the furnishings and belongings they wish to bring so that nothing is left out. Depending on the type of arrangements and whether any furnishings will be provided, students should consider their daily needs and routines and base a list on this. A move to college may not be a permanent one; however, it is still important to bring all the necessities for living comfortably during the school year.

Pack Carefully and Effectively

When it comes to packing, it is important to pack just like any other move, regardless of whether the move is a shorter one done by local moving companies or a move further away. Use strong boxes and adequate packing material; come up with a labeling system to document what is in each box and where it should be delivered upon arrival. The point in careful packing is to avoid breakage and to simplify the unpacking process upon arrival at school, since there will likely be many other things to worry about than finding lost items.

Don’t Forget Important Documents and Paperwork

One thing that many college students may not consider when moving to school is having a copy of their important personal records including medical records. Some students may even want to have their mail forwarded to their new school address, even if planning to return home after the school year. Mail forwarding should be done a week to 10 days before the moving company arrives to pick up boxes; if a local bank account is necessary, one should be set up ahead of time. Students who are driving should have all of their vehicle insurance and registration with them, even if the vehicle is owned and insured by their parents. Don’t forget other important documentation like parking permits, school paperwork, student visas for exchange students, etc. A list of emergency family contacts is also a good idea.

When college move-in day arrives, remain calm. There will be a lot of activity as students, their parents, and even local moving companies move in and out of apartments and dorms trying to get everyone settled. The best thing for students to do is to leave the moving to the moving company until all items are relocated inside. Once the move is complete and moving services have left for the day, hopefully adequate energy will be left to unpack and make the place feel like home!

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