As a business grows, it sometimes becomes necessary to relocate to a more suitable space. Moving a business is not an easy job; doing it successfully requires the skill of an experienced commercial moving company. In fact, a business relocation requires much more than a corporate moving service to load and unload a company’s furnishings and equipment from a moving truck. For the most successful move with the least business operations interruption, the following important tips can help get your business back on track as quickly as possible.

Plan Far Enough In Advance

A corporate move is not something that can be scheduled in just a few days; planning should start about four to six months before the desired move date. Begin by setting up a time line to follow that includes deadlines for budgeting the move, interviewing and choosing a local corporate moving company, scheduling a cleaning company, and contacting utility or IT companies for setup at the new location. Schedule a time to inform employees of the move, and explain each person's expected role in the move as well as any schedules or instructions for a rapid set-up in the new location. Movers should be scheduled about three months in advance to secure the desired move date. Cleaners can be scheduled one to two months ahead to clean the old location.

Update Customers and Vendors

Make sure the move does not come as a surprise to important vendors and clients by informing them ahead of time. Ensure vendors have the new mailing and shipping address as well as an effective date in advance of the move. If supplies are needed at the new location, order them in advance for delivery prior to the relocation. Provide a way for customers to continue to reach the business by sending out notices by mail and email. Update business websites, letterhead, and business cards a few weeks before the move and start using them.

Delegate Duties As Moving Day Nears

Compile a list of tasks to be completed and their deadlines before moving day. This list should include everything from closing or completing unfinished projects, to sorting and storing business records, equipment, and other essentials that require special care. Divide the list by department or employee, delegating tasks so everyone can help in specific areas. If employees will be packing their own offices or work spaces, provide them with enough boxes, markers, packing material, and tape as well as a deadline for completion.

Set Up An Unpacking Plan

Scheduling and executing a corporate move with a commercial moving company requires extensive planning for the move itself; however, unpacking also requires organization. Create a plan of attack for unpacking, including first getting the network up and running and reconnecting all business machines, after which everything else can be handled. Make sure employees are aware of the unpack plan and what each person must accomplish. This should help get everyone back to work as efficiently as possible.

Moving a business can be a very hectic time; so having a good plan in place is essential. Besides contracting with an experienced commercial moving company, businesses must carefully orchestrate everything from setting up a new location to cleaning up the old one. Advance preparation, including informing vendors and customers of the impending move, will help a company get back to work as quickly as possible, once the local corporate moving service is finished with the physical move!

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