The Life of a Commercial Move

stage 1

Developing the Move Plan

The first step in any move is to develop a plan. Your assigned Moving Consultant will meet with you to review the details of your move to assure its success. Utilizing analysis and research, this plan will include a detailed inventory of all furniture, equipment, a schedule for your move, and any services to be provided, to ensure everything is prepared for moving day.

stage 2

Tagging and Marking

Next, the Moving Consultant will develop a color coding system which will identify every item that’s moved, and its exact position in the new location. Sufficient coding tags will be left with all moving personnel to be placed on containers while they are being packed. In addition, we will supply you with “Do Not Move” tags to identify furniture or equipment you wish left behind.

stage 3

Packing and Preparation

If you have items that need special care, let us know. We can provide professional packers with the experience and technical know-how to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our experience has been that many companies elect to pack the most non-breakable and/or stock and supply areas, leaving the more delicate and valuable items to be packed by us.

stage 4

The Actual Move

The schedule developed in the move plan now comes into play. Everything packed by Transtar will be unpacked by our men, unless you prefer to do it yourselves. Cartons packed by your own personnel are placed next to the appropriate furniture. As soon as unpacking is complete, we remove all cartons from the premise, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

Commercial Moving is all About Teamwork

If you are planning an office or industrial move locally or to a new state, you need an experienced team that can seamlessly plan, manage, and execute all aspects of your commercial move.

Transtar provides:

  • Transtar can manage all of your office and industrial moving needs.
  • Fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
  • Large fleet of clean and fully equipped moving trucks, and state-of-the art equipment and warehouses.
  • Full-time moving service personnel that are certified, trained, and professional.
  • Module furniture specialists.
  • State-of-the art storage, file storage, logistics, and distribution services.
  • Specialized freight handling.


We can utilize New Haven’s patented E-CRATE® systems to make your next move a GREEN one. There is no need for cardboard waste. Reuse the New Haven E-CRATE® systems for every move. New Haven’s E-CRATEs® meet HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents, computers, monitors and printers. New Haven’s E-CRATE® systems are available for rental. Local rental rates and delivery charges apply.

Stacked moving cratesmoving crates offered as part of our commercial moving servicesPurple moving crates.

Library Cart

Transtar’s 8-shelf two sided library cart is designed to move large quantities of books efficiently. These Library Carts are the standard for moving legal documents, medical records and public libraries, providing a full 32 linear ft. or 64 sq. ft. of useable space

rolling library cart for moving books