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Whether moving out of state or relocating locally, there are many things that can go wrong during a home move. Fortunately, experienced movers know a lot of ways to help you avoid issues so you have a smooth move. Follow these long-distance and local moving tips and your experience can be calm, organized, and trouble-free.

Plan, Plan, Plan in Advance

The majority of home moving problems can be avoided by good forward planning so all of your arrangements are made and confirmed ahead of time:

  • Find Quality Movers - Start researching local moving companies at least a month or two ahead of time. You want to have time to choose an experienced service that can handle your relocation when you need them. The best services book quickly, especially on weekends and during warmer seasons.  
  • Get Detailed Estimates - After narrowing your search to a few movers, get detailed walk-through estimates from them. Be sure to discuss all inclusions and exclusions, including the fine print on warranties and insurance. Know what to expect if your property is damaged. Avoid later issues by having a thorough understanding of what you're paying for and can expect from the service.
  • Organize Your Tasks - Make a schedule of all the tasks you need to handle before, during, and after your relocation. Begin going through and paring down your items, gathering records, and arranging to change mail and utilities. Make a packing schedule, arrange for any childcare you may need on loading day, and handle any other special moving concerns.

Be Ready On Moving Day

Once you have a good plan set up, all you must do is execute it. When home moving day arrives, ensure a smooth day for everyone by considering these important details:

  • Prepare for the Weather - If it is going to rain, plan ahead to cover your floors and carpets to prevent them from getting wet and muddy. If it is icy or snowy, have the walks and driveway shoveled and de-iced ahead of time to prevent an accident. If it's exceptionally hot, have drinks and snacks handy to help the movers stay hydrated and energized. Do this at your destination as well. Refreshments are helpful to the workers regardless of the weather.
  • Tell Your Neighbors - Moving trucks take up a lot of space and loading them can be noisy. Let your neighbors know ahead of time the date and time your local moving service is due to arrive so they are not surprised by the noise and huge truck blocking the road. It will also ensure there are no cars parked in the way when the truck shows up.
  • Walk Through At the Beginning - Before the first items are loaded onto the truck, most movers start by inventorying everything being loaded. Join the walkthrough and ask any questions or express any concerns so these issues can be immediately addressed. It is also preferable that the person who did the walkthrough for the estimate be the one who walks through again on moving day.
  • Provide Delivery Schematics - To make unloading the truck into your new residence easier on everyone, label all boxes with the rooms where they should be delivered and make diagrams of the location of furniture and large items. This will prevent having large, heavy things put in the wrong places as well as make unloading faster and more efficient.

While these may seem like simple and unimportant details, home moving services will tell you otherwise. Sometimes it's all the little details that matter the most to your local moving company. Good forward planning and preparation for the movers is the best way to ensure your relocation is smooth and easy!

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