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Every year, many people hire local movers to relocate from a larger home into an apartment. Whether these decisions are prompted by financial reasons, a change in the family structure, or some other reason, relocating to an apartment frequently involves significant downsizing to fit the smaller space.

Consider these tips to make some order out of reducing personal belongings before moving services arrive so the relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Make A Floorplan of the Apartment

Begin the process by obtaining or drawing to scale a floorplan of the apartment that includes all dimensions. If necessary, measure rooms, closets, wall space, etc. Use the drawing to plan out the location of furnishings and gauge how much floor and storage space is available. Arranging things on a floorplan will offer an idea of how tight things will be and how much downsizing is required before the local movers begin the relocation process.

Make An Inventory List

Make an inventory list of all personal belongings next to get an accurate idea of all actual furnishings and contents. Take one room at a time and list furniture, accessories, decorations, bedding and linens, home appliances, and everything else; take note of duplicates and triplicates. While making the list, take note of the smaller things as well such as books, collections, knick-knacks, and everything else that occupies space in the home.

Make an additional list of any sentimental or essential items that will moved no matter what. Once these lists are complete, the goal is to consider every item, its use, its essential use, and then eliminate anything that will no longer fit in the smaller living space when delivered by the moving services.

Slim Down and Declutter

Make efficient use of time spent inventorying belongings by removing anything no longer needed or wanted. Start downsizing immediately by throwing out broken or unnecessary items and boxing up those that can be donated, given away, or even sold in a garage sale. After pulling out the unneeded or unwanted belongings, start deciding which items on the inventory list can be eliminated. A garage sale would be a great way to downsize while also generating some funds to help pay for moving services.

Consider Creative Storage Options

After de-cluttering, donating, and otherwise reducing the number of belongings the local movers will be bringing to the new apartment, think about the best ways to arrange and store the remaining items. Research creative storage options to optimize the use of all available space in the apartment and ensure that everything being kept will have a place. Go back to the floorplan and reconsider everything after downsizing to determine whether more items need to go.

Moving from a larger home into a smaller apartment is never easy when it involves downsizing. Fortunately, by starting early and following a plan to effectively deal with this issue, anyone can reduce and organize their belongings in preparation for easy relocation by hired moving services. With fewer items for local movers to load and unload, getting settled in a smaller living space will be easier after downsizing to what is truly needed!

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