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Moving from one residence to another involves a lot of careful coordination, especially since there is always so much happening at once. Packing and preparing for movers is only one part of the equation, as there are many details to be remembered and handled, including dealing with important paperwork. Before the moving company arrives and things get hectic, it is important to identify and store critical documents to protect them. Once moving systems show up to start loading the trucks, knowing these papers have been safely stored will make life after relocation much easier.

Assemble Important Documents Ahead of Time

Changing residences involves more than just relocating physical belongings from one place to another. Along with scheduling a moving company, people must also take care of everything from completing change of address forms to having access to important records that may be needed to set up a new home. Assembling the following documents well ahead of the day the movers will show up can make the whole process much easier:

  • Personal Identification - Documents such as driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports, marriage, and divorce certificates may be required to establish residency in a new place, register for a new driver’s license, etc.
  • Moving Service Documents - After booking the relocation with local moving systems, always keep any agreements or contracts with other important documentation being gathered for safe keeping.
  • Property Documents - Whether such documents involve the sale of one house and the purchase of another or lease contracts, keep all of these documents easily accessible in case problems or questions arise during the relocation.
  • Financial and Medical Records - Bank and credit card statements and records, tax records, and any papers that could be called upon in those first few weeks after the move should be set aside and kept handy. The same goes for medical records, including veterinary records for all pets.
  • Professional and School Records - It is a good idea to keep letters of reference, resumes, professional licenses and degrees, and other work-related paperwork accessible if the move includes starting a new job. Children’s school records and transcripts should also be kept handy to speed up the process of getting kids settled in new schools.
  • Important Phone Numbers - Compile a list of essential and emergency phone numbers ahead of time to have a quick go-to list in case any issues arise once the movers begin packing. Include important family and friends, local ER and Urgent Care, insurance companies, auto shops, realtor or rental phone numbers, and that of the moving company as well as any other critical numbers.

Safely Store Important Documents

After assembling all these documents or at least copies of them while the originals remain in their usual safe places, it is critical to keep them safely stored during the packing process and throughout the entire move. The best way to do this is by organizing documents in an accordion folder or ring binder with folders for safe keeping so they won’t fall out and will be easily recognized as something important. Once the folder or binder has been assembled, keep it with personal items that are not to be packed, as it should stay off the truck and be easily accessible at all times.

During and after any relocation, having to search for important papers can be upsetting. To prevent adding to the usual stress that occurs when moving systems arrive to begin loading the truck, having those documents safe and accessible can be a great help. Although actually assembling these papers may require some effort and planning, it will greatly reduce the aggravation of having to find them after the movers are already working. Once a plan has been finalized with a moving company, add this important task to the top of your to-do list.

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