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No matter how smooth the moving process goes, there are always a few pieces of oversized furniture that create problems for the movers. They were hard enough to get out of the first house, but what happens when moving services cannot get them into the new place? Dealing with oversized furniture is an issue and with the clock ticking while looking for a solution, the costs can add up if the moving company has to put in extra hours as a result. The better way to deal with large items is to start off on moving day with a plan in place on how to handle them.

Measure Everything Ahead of Time

The first step in putting a viable plan into place for relocating oversized furniture is to measure the length, width, and height. Then measure the doorways the pieces must be carried through to get them out of the current home and into the new one. If someone got the furniture in, then there is a way to get it back out.

The bigger concern that moving services often face is getting these items into the new residence. There is nothing worse than getting everything inside the new home except a few pieces that just do not fit through the doors. Do all measuring in advance, including the new location, and begin formulating a plan early. Be sure to alert the moving company about these items before the move; they deal with these situations every day and may already have a workable idea.

Disassemble When Possible

Many furnishings have feet, drawers, doors, and other protruding parts. If any of these can be taken off, this should be done. Removing feet or legs on a couch or table or even the doors on an armoire may offer just enough of a size reduction to help moving services get the items through doorways without interference. Many newer furnishings are designed to come apart for this very reason.

Consider the Various Angles

Sometimes the trick to getting oversized items in and out is looking at the problem from a more creative angle. Lifting furniture right side up is the typical way that most people move items; however, it may be impossible to get them through the doorways like that. It might be necessary to move items upside down, on their sides, and even on their ends even though this may seem awkward and cumbersome. This is one of the main reasons why hiring a professional moving company is recommended. Movers provide strong, able-bodied workers who have an easier time handling oversized items that need to be maneuvered.

Remove the Door

When nothing else will work, another option is to get the door itself out of the way. Taking the door off its hinges is easy and could provide the critical inch or two that allows movers to get the item through. In more extreme cases, removing the actual door frame may also be possible, although this definitely requires extra work and some carpentry skills.

The biggest challenge movers face during a relocation is handling oversized items. Rather than dealing with this issue at the last minute when everyone is tired and stressed enough, it is better to plan ahead by realizing the possibility of problems with larger pieces. Take the time to alert the moving company about specific oversized items, then start to measure. By working together with experienced moving services, the issue of getting oversized items out of one house and into the new one will be much less of a concern!

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