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Moving a business is not the same as moving a household. Between the types of items being moved and the sheer size of the move itself, even moving a small business requires the experience of a local corporate moving company for the best outcome. Commercial movers play an important role in getting a business packed and moved as quickly and easily as possible so that a business can resume working in the new location.

Most importantly, when using commercial movers for a corporate move, a company only needs to worry about preparing for an efficient move and their ability to get back to normal business, while the commercial movers prepare the company for the move itself.

Schedule and Plan Early

To reduce the chance of problems and prevent any extended business disruption, it is essential that a company select their local corporate moving company a few months before the move itself, to get the date reserved and go over the moving plan in detail. Commercial movers are experienced in helping a company prepare for a move, then get unpacked and functioning again quickly - so ask for advice.

Make a schedule with the movers that details getting the office packed up as well show to handle things such as electronic equipment and essential computer hardware. IT personnel should also be involved in this part of the planning, since their help will be required to tear down and set up networks again with the least amount of disruption. With a detailed plan of what and by when, a business can be ready for the movers when moving day arrives.

Change All Contact Information

Today, moving involves much more than just filing a change of mailing address. Companies must file address changes with the postal service and any delivery services, then deal with their online presence as well. Changes should be made to the company website and anywhere online that contact information is listed. Letterhead and promotional material must be changed, social and business online profiles adjusted, and clients and customers informed about the upcoming move.

Banking and merchant card information must also be updated to prevent interruptions in services or automatic payments. If addresses don’t match, payments could be missed. Utilities and internet service should be turned on at the new location and tested in advance to ensure everything is working properly once moving day arrives.

Make A Floorplan and Inventory List

With a detailed floorplan, a detailed inventory list, and a good labeling system, a company can greatly simplify the moving process. Giving commercial movers as much instruction as possible as to where items should be placed will help reduce the confusion of setting up at the new location. This map of what should go where can be an instrumental guide that will make getting settled into a new building easier for everyone.

When used in conjunction with a detailed inventory list, it will also help track all items and ensure things do not get lost during the move. A floorplan will also be useful for IT personnel who will need to go in first and set up computer networks. It can then be used by other employees as everyone begins moving into their new spaces.

A successful corporate move requires a lot of forethought. By hiring an experienced local corporate moving company, a business can confidently know that their moving service has done this many times and will help them construct the best relocation plan. Commercial movers can help a business estimate the amount of time their move will take and provide important advice on how to efficiently pack and prepare for moving day.

With fewer questions, and the guiding hand of experienced commercial movers, a company can be efficiently relocated and up and running again with the least amount of disruption possible!

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