The merging of two homes into one, whether due to a marriage or some other event, presents a number of challenges for relocating household possessions. It is a good idea to have a plan in place for dealing with all the items, including duplicates, before any national or local moving services arrives to start the move. Since downsizing two households into one requires compromise and a lot of pre-planning, it is key to start early so only necessary items are transported by the moving company at each residence to save save time, expense, and a whole lot of frustration.

Create A Plan and Communicate

Like any other moving plan, combining two households requires a good plan. Start early and discuss everything from the soon-to-be-occupied new space to dealing with unwanted and duplicate items. Understand that some items will be very important to each involved person, even if they seem valueless to others. Respect, along with the ability to compromise, will be very important at this time. Scheduling the right residential moving company to accommodate the needs of both parties, especially if that involves picking up items at more than one location, is equally important.

Purge, Pare Down, and Deal with Duplicates

Start the process by throwing out, donating, and giving away any unwanted or unnecessary belongings. Next, go through and determine which items are duplicates; like appliances, entertainment components, furniture, etc. Then decide whether there is a use for these duplicates. If there is no need or not enough space, discuss which items should be kept and which to eliminated.

Some items can be sold or donated, while others can be passed down to someone else in the family. Deciding on a decor theme may also help, then keep items that fit the desired theme or are in better shape and give up the rest. The goal should be to address duplicate and unneeded items and reduce clutter, since sharing a household means sharing spaces and less room for everything. .

Make a Floor Plan

A floor plan is always a good idea when a moving service, whether local or national, is doing the move. Determine which furniture and large items can go ahead of time, which will save a lot of time when the items are delivered to the new residence. Residential movers can take everything directly to the designated rooms as they unload. Likewise, all boxes should be carefully labeled so they can be moved to the right rooms as well. All of this will help the unpacking process and prevent a massive pile of boxes in just a few rooms that really need to go elsewhere.

Although any kind of move can be trying, combining two households into one requires some special thought ahead of time.  With a helpful moving company for both the residences as well as communication and compromise, a moving nightmare can be avoided. For assistance planning a multi-household move, contact local moving services to provide insight and help make the move as painless as possible!

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