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Moving is is a physically demanding activity, a really hard workout for the muscles. It can also be hard work on flooring and carpeting, with excess wear and tear, stains, and scratches if not protected before moving services arrive on moving day. Many people forget all about this and wind up facing dirt, scuffs, and sometimes even worse when the dust settles. To prevent damage to these surfaces, protect flooring before the local moving company gets there to start the heavy work.

Protecting Floors from Moving Damage

Whether floors are covered in beautiful hardwoods, attractive laminates, or stylish vinyl, moving day can be rough on them. Even the most experienced moving services can inadvertently cause scratches and dirty tracks on these surfaces from bringing large and heavy items in and out of the home. To avoid this kind of damage and protect floor surfaces while the local moving company works, try one or more of these ideas:

  • Paper and Cardboard - Layers of paper or cardboard laid on the floor is an easy and inexpensive way to protect any hard surface. Use brown Kraft paper on these floors and tape it in place in the rooms and hallways that need protecting. A layer of cardboard on top adds even greater protection, as cardboard provides a slight amount of impact absorption as well.
  • Plywood - Thin plywood laid over floor surfaces are more durable than paper, although it is also a more expensive option. Plywood will protect better, especially against appliance feet, hard points or corners, or an accidentally-dropped heavy item.
  • Furniture and Appliance Sliders - Use furniture sliders under the feet of appliances and the legs of furniture to prevent scrapes and scratches while moving services bring things in and out. Taping towels or wash rags to furniture legs will also work if there are no sliders available.

Protecting Carpets from Moving Damage

Keeping carpets clean is hard enough to do as it is; however, when moving services arrive, it can be even harder. To prevent stains, tears, and other damage, protect wall-to-wall carpeting on local moving day using the following methods:

  • Cardboard - Since cardboard is somewhat thick, it is suitable to use over shorter pile carpet to prevent stains and other damage. Cardboard may not be suitable over thicker, softer piles. Tape cardboard into place so it does not slide.
  • Self-Adhesive Film - Just like the rolls of plastic wrap that moving services use to wrap and protect furniture and boxes, this film is available as a carpet film as well. It readily sticks to the carpet, providing a waterproof, stain-proof covering that can be easily pulled up and thrown out. Self-adhesive film is especially useful for lining carpeted staircases.
  • Old Blankets or Towels - If wetness is not an issue, old blankets and towels can work in a pinch to protect carpet surfaces from dirt and damage. Be sure to tape these down as well, to prevent them from rolling up, or someone tripping.

After the move is complete and moving services have left, pull up all coverings and discard them, then clean the floors. Sweep or vacuum hard floors to get up any dirt or debris that could scratch, then mop. Lastly, vacuum the carpets to pull up any dirt and fluff them back to life.

Any way that it’s done, covering flooring surfaces before the local moving company arrives is the best way to prevent moving damage. Just allow enough time to cover everything up before moving services arrive. This ounce of prevention will ensure that homeowners do not end up dealing with extra messes or damaged floors once their relocation is complete!

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