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Moving with small children can be especially challenging. Before doing anything else after the home movers leave, you need to baby-proof the new house to keep your children safe. Although there are many things to deal with as your home moving company is relocating your belongings, one of the most important tasks as you begin unpacking is making the place safe for your little ones.

Use the checklist below to ensure you childproof the right areas after home moving services pull away and you start making that new house your home.

Safety Gates

The first thing to unpack once the home moving company leaves is your safety gates so that babies and small children are contained as things are being unpacked. Block off stairways and doorways to prevent falls or entry to other rooms.

Relocating can be scary and stressful for small children. Protect them by reducing access to all the rooms and boxes until the house begins to come together and other baby-proofing has been done.

Outlet Protectors

Purchase a supply of outlet protectors and start by putting them in all the lower outlets that kids can reach. If you need to use an outlet as you begin unpacking, simply remove the protector. By going room by room and putting protectors in before unpacking, you can help ensure none will be missed as you begin to set up furniture and unpack boxes delivered by home movers.

Window Blind Cords

Another task to take care of once home moving services have delivered your belongings and before too much unpacking starts is to shorten and bundle up any pull cords on window blinds. Babies can strangle themselves, choke on little plastic pulls, or hurt themselves in other ways with cords that hang from window blinds. Get them out of reach to prevent injuries.  

Furniture Setup

Chances are that a lot of furniture will be delivered by your home moving company that needs to be set up in the baby’s room and the rest of the house. Begin by setting up all things that go in the nursery. Take extra time to assemble everything properly and secure unsteady pieces to the wall if necessary to prevent dangerous tip-overs.

Door Knobs

If your child is a toddler, they are likely trying to work with knobs and open doors. This can lead to your child falling down stairways or entering rooms or closets where they should not have access. Prevent kids from being able to open doors by putting covers over doorknobs on any of those that they should not be allowed to open.

Cabinet Locks

Along with doors, most toddlers love to open cabinets. This is not such a big deal when they are empty. As you start unpacking the boxes brought in by home movers, it could become very dangerous. Before opening anything, put cabinet locks on all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, entertainment center cabinets, and any other cabinet you don't want children to open. Then unpack your belongings into the protected cabinets.

Batteries, Hardware, and Other Small Parts

Every year, small children swallow anything from pennies and buttons to small batteries and household hardware. After your home moving services leave, be careful when unpacking boxes, assembling things, and finding places for battery-operated items. Prevent the possibility that your child could find and swallow any of these items. Store remotes and hardware out of reach. Remove access to any small parts as you unpack all of your moving boxes.

There are many things to keep track of when relocating with small children, especially once the home moving company has delivered everything and unpacking begins. Avoid accidents and injuries by baby-proofing the house at the very beginning, either before home movers arrive with all your belongings or right after they leave.

Taking these important safety steps before everything starts coming out of the boxes will make things easier and safer, reducing the chance of encountering important safety issues along the way!

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