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Moving out of state can be different than a local relocation. Even though you are still packing the same items for a moving company to transport, there are some extra details you need to think about in advance. From finding the right long distance movers to planning your packing, there are a few things you should do differently than with a local move. Use the tips below from long distance moving companies to make your out-of-state relocation easier.

Find the Right Long Distance Movers

The first thing you should do well in advance of your intended moving date is find a moving company that can accommodate you. Long distance moving companies sometimes operate on different schedules based on where their services are required and when. Research services by asking for references, reading online reviews, and checking with the BBB.

Obtain in-home estimates of your actual belongings to ensure an accurate rate so you can budget properly, especially considering long distance relocations often cost more than local moves. Once you have found your long distance movers, book the date.

Make A Moving Schedule

Once you have scheduled your relocation, make a schedule to help you remember everything you need to do before the big day. Out-of-state moves require a lot of extra work including scheduling utility connects and disconnects, gathering important personal records like school and medical records, as well as other tasks necessary to set up a new household.

Set deadlines for making important phone calls, clearing out unwanted items for donation or a garage sale, and other tasks you must handle. Set weekly packing goals so you are completely packed by the time the moving company arrives.

Know What Items Cannot Be Loaded

It is important that you obtain a list of anything your mover will not load for out-of-state relocation. Long distance moving companies typically will not load any hazardous materials and may not load equipment like lawn mowers or gas-operated power tools.

Additionally, most long distance movers will not load perishable food items or plants, since both are likely to be damaged during shipment in a truck that is not climate controlled. Dispose of, give away, or find other transport for those items ahead of time.

Create A Packing Strategy

Lastly, you will want to devise a strategy that makes packing and unpacking easier, while keeping the items you will need immediately available. Pack room by room, labeling every box with its contents and what room it goes in beginning first with the least used items. Pack together the things that you will need to unpack sooner.

While packing, make sure you keep items put that you will need during your relocation so you have clothing, personal items, and other necessities with you or make sure they are the first things off the truck. Take care packing your items, keeping in mind they will be traveling for a long time. Use enough high-quality packing materials to prevent breakage or consider allowing the moving company to pack for you.

No relocation is easy; however, those that involve long distance moving companies can be even more challenging. The best way to get through this as easy and stress-free as possible is to plan ahead, hire the best moving company, and set a schedule for all tasks you need to handle for setting up your new home.

By preparing for the extra challenges and making sure your items are properly packed, you will be ready for your exciting new life once the long distance movers arrive!

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