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The first part of moving to a new residence is finding the right home movers. It may seem easy enough to look for local movers in the yellow pages or find a company online; however, customers must be a little more selective than that. Receiving the best service and having the right moving experience requires researching companies to find the right one. By using these easy tips, anyone in search of the best movers in their area can quickly figure out which business to help them relocate to a new home!

Research Company History and Qualifications

The first thing anyone searching for dependable movers should do is research ahead of time before making any initial inquiries about prices and scheduling. How long has the service been in business? Longer is better, especially in light of how many unreliable home movers exist. Verify that they are licensed and insured, two additional indications of a reliable company that will provide good moving services. What kind of moving experience does the business have? In addition, inquire if the company has received any industry awards or been otherwise recognized for providing great service.

What Are Customers Saying?

Search online for reviews and testimonials; ask movers to provide the name and contact information of any customer references. Industry awards are great; however, it is happy, satisfied customers who reveal the truth. Contact references and read both positive and negative online reviews for an impression of overall customer satisfaction.

What Services Are Offered?

It is also best to inquire the services any particular movers offer.  Ask what is included with the basic service as well as with more complete services. Most home movers include things like taking furniture apart and wrapping items in blankets or plastic; however, it is best to confirm this. Some companies may offer packing services, storage, and other handy services. Ask how many workers will come with the truck based on the size of the move.

Scheduling and Company Policies

After making it to this point, ask next if movers can accommodate specific move dates and go over any company policies that apply. Do they consolidate shipments; if so, how is that arranged? What type of insurance is provided and is additional coverage offered? Ask about rescheduling or cancelation in case that should become necessary and what happens to any paid deposits .

Moving Rates and Inclusions

After getting through all of the above questions, inquire about relocation rates. Be sure to confirm all services and costs included such as supplies, fuel charges, and any extras that might not be included like supplemental insurance and packing supplies. Find out if weekday moves are less expensive than weekend moves.

A smooth, stress-free move requires the assistance of experienced home movers who know what they are doing and how to provide the best service. It also involves good screening ahead of time so that customers can make the best hiring decision and know what to expect from their movers!

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