Moving a business can be a hectic affair without proper planning and organization. For the most efficient move that allows a small company to quickly get back to business as usual, it is important to have a good plan. This plan should be in place long before the local corporate moving company shows up on moving day. With the experience of local moving services, and by using the helpful tips referenced below, packing up a small business and moving it to a new location will be much easier.

Come Up With A Moving Plan

Once a moving company has been contracted and a moving date scheduled, it is time to create a moving plan. This plan should include everything from dealing with vendors and clients during the move to actual move preparation. It should begin with the creation of a task schedule and continue on through packing, what happens on moving day, and completion of the move after everything has been transferred to the new location. All day-to-day business operations must be taken into consideration, including how they will be affected by the move. A moving plan should also incorporate how these interruptions will be dealt with, before, during, and after the move.

Assign A Move Organizer

In order to continue "business as usual," assigning a move organizer who can facilitate the effort required to get the office and its employees organized, packed, and ready for local moving services is a necessity. This person should be a part of the above- referenced moving plan, the go-to person during the move. This person will be the one to create and keep a schedule of what needs to happen by when, and the tools and items necessary to make that happen. An organizer can communicate with the moving services and ask for helpful tips on making the move easier for the company. He or she will then relay that information to employees, and delegate tasks and deadlines.

Utilities, Mail, Shipments and IT Setup

A date must be set to discontinue shipments and mail at the current location and to begin receiving them again at the new location. Inform clients and vendors about the move, providing them new contact information. This should be done on multiple occasions, in case they forget. Also provide them with the date when they will be able to contact the business at the new location. A date should be decided for turning on utilities at the new location, and shutting them off at the old one.

Remember to leave enough time in this schedule for those who are cleaning the old location to go back to complete that task. Someone should also go to the new location in advance of the move to ensure it is set up appropriately for the company’s incoming IT and other business equipment. If this has not been done, it should be taken care of immediately to enable quick setup after the move, so the business can get back up and running right away.

Purge and Pack

Just like moving to a new home, a company can also benefit from purging any unneeded items before a move. Have paper shredders handy, and collect any unnecessary business items for donation or disposal. This will reduce the number of things that must be moved. Start packing early, even months ahead of time if possible, to ensure that everything is packed in time. When it comes to computer equipment and other expensive business equipment, it may be worthwhile to pay professional packers who are trained in packing these items for the safest transport.

Tear Down and Set Up

The last items to be packed during a corporate move, and the first items to be set back up, should be the company’s computers and office equipment. IT staff should work on tearing down the company’s computer system on moving day and be available to set the equipment back up as soon as it arrives at the new location.

A corporate move must be well planned to avoid unnecessary problems and business downtime. Preparing well in advance before local moving services arrive is the best way to ensure that a small company can get back to business quickly. Be sure to work with an experienced local corporate moving company, as these services are the ones to offer the best advice on how to have a productive, stress-free move to get a small business relocated with the fewest amount of problems!

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