Moving computer equipment and expensive electronics presents a specific challenge, since these items can be easily damaged in any variety of ways. One way to ensure computer components are safely packed is to let the moving services pack them, since any residential moving company that offers packing services has trained their employees on how to pack all types of items. For those who wish to pack their computer equipment on their own, refer to the suggestions below for the safest handling of fragile computers, and other electronics.

Prepare for the Move

No matter how carefully computers are packed, sometimes damage will occur anyway. It is essential to plan ahead for this possibility by backing up all data stored on computers - something that many people fail to consider during a move, until it is too late. Backup data either to an external hard drive or to a Cloud storage service. Cloud storage may be the best option since an external hard drive can also become damaged. In the event that computers or their data become damaged, there will at least be a way to rescue data and download it onto another computer. Also, remove ink cartridges from printers and seal them up in case of leakage.

Use Original Packing Box if Possible

Although most people throw away the boxes that purchases come in, there are a few boxes that are worth keeping if space allows, and those are the boxes for computers, TVs and other expensive electronic equipment. These items usually come packed in form-fitting styrofoam packing that slides snuggly into the exterior box, providing the safest travel home for them. When packing computers, any good residential moving company can tell you that this is always the preferred method - and the one that provides the most safety.

Original Packing Box Not Available

If the original boxes are not available, look into purchasing these boxes from the computer maker, or purchasing generic computer boxes from moving services or packing companies. If those are not available, use sturdy boxes and pad well with styrofoam and thicker padding. Make sure to pack boxes tightly to prevent any kind of movement.  

Boxing Cables, Mice and Smaller Accessories

Take apart the computer equipment, remove the cables, and be sure to label each one as to what component it goes to. Many computer and printer cables might look the same, but some are device-specific. Box these items up together so they are all in one place after the move, and easily accessible. Add sealed and bagged printer cartridges to this box as well.

As any residential moving company will agree, when packing and moving delicate and easily damaged items - like computer equipment and electronics - it is best to take every precaution to protect them. Assume the worst and backup all data, then pack carefully in original boxing, or as close to original packaging as possible. Purchasing extra insurance for these items may be warranted, as well. After the moving services deliver these boxes, unpack them and check for damage, then plug everything back in. With a good packing job, those computers should start right up - just as they normally do!

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