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A move that requires the services of a moving company can be stressful for anyone; however, it can be especially challenging for seniors. These types of moves frequently revolve around emotional circumstances like moving into a senior home or into the home of a relative or downsizing due to the loss of a spouse. Sometimes just the idea that movers will be handling personal possessions can be stressful, not to mention the common concern of where to put everything. To alleviate some of the stress that may arise with a senior move, families working with a local moving company may want to consider the tips referenced below.

Discuss and Plan the Move Ahead of Time

Families helping their senior relatives move should help them begin the process by discussing the circumstances and by getting them started on a moving plan. Some older adults will need more help than others, so it is a good idea to establish what help will be necessary ahead of time. The planning stages are also a good time to talk about the emotional aspect of the move, to bring up ideas such as downsizing and what to do with extra possessions. Select a local moving company early and plan the move at a time when there will be less stress for everyone involved. Then start packing things.

Purge and Downsize

Most senior relocations involve moving from a house into a smaller residence, or even a shared home. This usually requires considerable downsizing. To prevent the emotional situations that can arise when there are too many items to move into the new home, families should encourage serious purging to reduce items. This will also make the move less expensive, too.

Sell items online, have a garage sale, and hand items down to other family members if they hold sentimental value. Any unwanted items can be donated. In circumstances where older adults refuse to part from their unnecessary personal belongings, consider renting a storage unit for the short term until some agreement can be reached about purging. The moving company will even help by moving required items into the home and taking the others to the storage unit as necessary.

Make A Floorplan to Estimate Space

Along with purging and downsizing, it is generally helpful to draw a floorplan of the senior’s new living space to scale, to help illustrate the need to downsize. Draw in furnishings and other items to get an idea of what will actually fit and how condensed the space is likely to be. This can be instrumental in helping older adults understand their space limitation and that some items will either need to be sold, donated, or put in storage.

Hire the Right Moving Company

Senior relocations are somewhat different than any other moves, so it is important to work with a local moving company with experience in moving seniors. Movers who understand sentimental value and are also experts at helping families downsize can be the best help in these situations. Moving planners who work with seniors and their families provide important ideas based on what needs to be moved, how to reduce and purge items, and how to make the best use of smaller space in the new residence.

Above all else, those who are helping older adults deal with a big move should understand that this is a life-changing event, so patience, understanding, and the right movers are all important. Hire a local moving company that understands these circumstances and will do what they can to provide helpful, stress-free service. The right moving company can easily turn an emotional, confusing time into a much calmer event!

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