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Moving a household is hard enough; however, relocating antiques can add to the challenge that moving companies face. Not only do antiques usually have a higher monetary and sentimental value than modern furnishings, they can also be more delicate and breakable. Owners of vintage furniture need to notify their moving company that they will be relocating antiques, then take steps ahead of time to minimize the possibility of damage. With good planning up front, these valuable furnishings can be safely packed and transported by movers with few problems.

Inventory, Appraise, and Insure

The first steps in a successful relocation that includes antique furniture is to take an inventory of these items, then financially protect them. Document all pieces and relevant information such as brand name, production year, and other details that help to identify and value them. List any existing damage or repairs and anything else that accurately represents the pieces before movers arrive.

Next, all vintage furnishings should be appraised by an appraiser qualified particularly in antique furniture to determine current value. Separately insure the items based on this valuation, as the insurance included by most moving companies does not cover high-valued or antique items. When this is done, they can be packed and loaded by the moving company on relocation day.

Plan The Way Out.. and In

Assess the size of antique furnishings and how they need to be moved through and out of the house and into the new residence. The less time spent being lifted and maneuvered by movers, the safer these pieces will be. Measure pieces ahead of time, estimating space for padding and crates, then make a plan for relocating the items from the current residence into the new one.

Carefully Pack and Protect Antiques

The best suggestion for packing antique furniture for relocation, especially with larger and heavier pieces, is to let professional packers do it. Either hire a service that specifically handles packing antiques or find out if the moving company can provide professional antique furniture packers at an additional charge. Should any damage occur during the event, most insurance companies will only compensate when items were professionally packed anyway. This may not be such an important issue with normal household items; however, when dealing with valuable antique furniture it is necessary to take extra steps to protect such investments.

Furnishings should be disassembled as much as possible, then heavily padded and wrapped to prevent scuffs, tears, and other damage and to reduce shock during transport. Depending on the item and how fragile it is, some furniture pieces should be packed in a hard outer container like a wooden crate for the best protection. Additionally, items that can be damaged by moisture should be wrapped in waterproof material or packed in waterproof crates. Once items have been appropriately wrapped and protected in sturdy outer containers, they can be safely transported by moving companies onto their trucks and secured.

Antique furniture can be a great investment for those who enjoy preserving the past. To ensure these type of furnishings get the highest level of care during relocation, it is essential to work with a moving company that has experience working with antiques and employs skilled movers who can provide careful service. Plan ahead so there is time to get items appraised and insured, then notify moving companies about these items. With everyone working together to ensure a safe relocation, expensive antiques can be safely relocated to a new home without incident!

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