Moving day can be a very long and stressful day for those who are actually moving, but also for the residential moving company doing the moving, and even for neighbors. There is much hard work involved in packing things up, and then loading and unloading moving trucks, so sometimes tempers can flare. For the most stress-free move possible, it is important to try to stay relaxed when the team from the local moving services arrives to start the heavy work - and always be courteous to movers. Staying organized, and remembering to consider things from other people’s point of view, can help.

Checklists for Moving Day

On such a busy day, forgetting things will be the norm, rather than the exception. Checklists and inventory lists can help solve this problem. Have an inventory list of packed boxes and their contents, which will help reduce the stress of moving boxes into a new home, as well as locating specific items during and after the move. Also, make a list of things that need to be done on moving day, such as picking up the last delivery of mail, not forgetting the gardening tools in the back shed, or packing an overnight box of essentials the night before - then labeling it so the movers don’t take it. Start the list in the weeks before the move as ideas pop up, and on moving day there is only a need to check things off as they are accomplished.

Contain Pets and Kids

With movers going in and out of the house carrying heavy boxes and furniture, children getting in the way and pets getting underfoot pose a hazard for themselves and the moving crews. Pets escaping are a special concern, and having to watch them takes much needed attention away from other things. Leave small children in the hands of a relative or babysitter, and contain pets to one room, or even in their travel crates, to keep everyone safe and out of the way.

Be Courteous and Accommodating

Those who work for local moving services are professionals, and well-trained at what they do. A few pointers here and there about fragile items, or when the movers request assistance, is the best help that homeowners can provide. Being “overly helpful” or criticizing the job the movers are doing is not helpful at all. If there is a definite problem, there is usually a foreman on site for larger moves, or one that can be contacted at the residential moving company, but otherwise it is best for homeowners to just let the movers do their job. Providing water and snacks throughout the day, and during rest breaks, is something that is always appreciated.

Remember the Neighbors

Even though moving is something that individual people and families do, neighbors - at the old house and the new one - should be considered as well. Make sure that movers do not park anyplace that could prevent neighbors from accessing their driveways, or that could block the street. Inform neighbors of the date and time the moving truck will be there so they are expecting it, along with the activity and noise from loading and unloading. It is a small courtesy, but one that goes a long way to making good last (and first) impressions.

Keeping moving day stress to a minimum is important for everyone involved. Ensuring you are courteous to the residential moving company crews, and anyone else affected by the day’s activities, is equally important. By remaining calm, and planning ahead, moving day can go smoothly - leaving everyone smiling. Always remember that moving is hard work, so any little thing that can help the staff from the local moving services get the job done more easily and safely, will be well appreciated!

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