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Moving can be expensive, so accurate budgeting when hiring professional movers is critical. As most moving companies can attest, there are a number of expenses that are either forgotten about or overlooked altogether when adding up expenses. When calculating relocation costs, don’t forget to add in the ones listed below. These will help generate the best estimate of total relocation cost in addition to the fee charged by the moving company.

Packing Materials and Special Item Protection

Whether the moving company packs the house or you do it on your own, packing material and supplies cost money. Paper rolls, bubble wrap, boxes, and tape can certainly add up when packing the contents of an entire home. In addition, some items may require special packing using materials designed to provide extra protection. Protective coverings and paddings may also be necessary to prevent damage to appliances and furnishings or protect floors and carpets. Although moving companies may provide some of these items, the cost of these supplies is usually additional to the relocation fee.

Cleaning Supplies and Materials

Most people clean the house they are leaving after the movers have removed all boxes and belongings; the new house may also have required cleaning before moving in. Consider the cost of cleaning solutions, paper towels, rags, rug cleaning machine rental, and other expenses that should be added to the total cost.

Traveling Expenses

Although travel expenses like fuel are already built into the fee charged by moving companies, this naturally does not cover personal travel costs. Whether driving to the new destination or flying while personal vehicles are transported, this is a considerable relocation expense that must be determined ahead of time and added to the budget.

New Home Utilities Setup

Another unavoidable expense commonly overlooked is the connection fee that most utility and communications companies charge to begin service in a new home. Depending on how many companies provide those services to the home, those fees can add up into the hundreds of dollars.

Other Commonly Overlooked Expenses

In addition to those mentioned above, there are a number of other miscellaneous fees and expenses that should be added to budgets, along with the cost of a moving company. Those may include any required supplemental insurance to cover belongings during the move, postal forwarding fees, security deposits, costs to obtain copies of medical records, and any other applicable expenses associated with relocation. Emergency expenses and gratuities for the movers should also be added to the budget.

When relocation is on the horizon, it is important to prepare for the event with an expense budget. Naturally, the main expense will be the movers; however, it is important to account for the many other costs involved besides that of the moving company itself. Although it is impossible to come up with an exact cost for everything, being aware of the more common ones and their cost allows people to save for these expenses prior to arrival of the moving companies!

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