A smooth move depends on good planning and skillful packing. Since packing typically starts long before the moving services arrive, homeowners can spend the time they need ensuring their items are well-packed and inventoried, in preparation for moving day. For the best packing, people should remember to pack their things the way a professional packing company would and consider the following tips, to ensure an easier and more efficient move.

Pack Smaller Boxes

Smaller boxes, even if there are more of them, are easier to pack and easier to transport than larger ones. This is especially true in terms of heavier items such as books, and other smaller but heavier items. Keep box weights under 50 pounds each, and tape heavy boxes well. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the contents, the smaller the box should be.

Use Common Packing Sense

Packing for the day that moving services arrive requires thinking about what items are being packed to make the best use of packing material, while keeping packed items safe. Everything from size and weight, to how breakable items are, and how boxes must be stacked in a truck for transport should be considered. Combine items that can be safely packed together without risk of damage. Use bedding, towels and pillows to pad more fragile items, since all of these things must be packed anyway. Be innovative, but remember item safety while doing so.

Save and Reuse Specific Shipping Boxes

When there is storage space available, and there is a possibility of a move in the future, it can be helpful to save boxes from electronic and computer equipment and other items that come with specialized packing materials. These boxes, which frequently include styrofoam packing specifically made to fit around these items, are the safest and most convenient boxes for repacking.

Consolidate Small and Easily Lost Items

Remote controls, electronics wiring, and small collectibles are just some items that are often simply tossed within the packed boxes, only to be misplaced later. Whenever possible, consolidate these items in Ziploc bags or small containers and always pack them with the things they go or work with, to prevent loss. Similarly, keep all computer and electronics cables and accessories bundled up together, and pack with computers. Put tiny items in protective containers and label well, then include them in a larger box with like items.

Pack Solidly

No matter what is packed inside a box, be sure that the items inside cannot move around, as this is what frequently causes damage, or causes things to break. Pack boxes fully and solidly, using packing material, towels, bedding or some other suitable materials to fill up any empty space to prevent shifting. When packing fragile items, ensure there is at least a few inches of packing material on all sides of the item, and always fill up extra space so that contents are snug within the box.

Pack Clothing Efficiently

Get the most out of packing space while reducing wrinkles by rolling garments and lining up these rolls for tighter packing. Use Ziploc bags and socks for bundling up other socks, underwear, and small accessories for safekeeping. Pack similar items together, while leaving current clothing at the top where it can be easily grabbed, if necessary, once boxes are opened. Also pack a separate bag with all clothing and accessories that will be needed during the trip, and make sure to label that box as "Travel Items," so it does not accidentally get put in the moving truck.

These are only a few of the countless tips for safe and efficient packing, done the way in which a packing company would do it. For more suggestions on how to best pack specific household items, and preparing for a move, local moving services can offer advice, or if it is easier, these companies can even do the packing for you!

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