Packing and Storage in  Marlton NJ

Relocating to a new home usually means moving all belongings from the old location to the new one. Yet there are times when the complete relocation requires two steps, such as when a family needs to vacate a sold home but their new home is not yet ready. In these instances, packing and storage of belongings must be tailored since as some things will go to an apartment or hotel, while others will go into storage.

With the help of experienced packing and storage companies, families can move what they need right away while storing the rest until it can be moved to the final destination.

Divide Items Into Categories

The first step in any multi-part move, whether working with moving and packing and storage companies or self-packing beforehand, is to divide belongings into two categories: items to be moved to the intermediate location and those that must go into storage. Go through the home room-by-room and create a list of everything that needs to be relocated with the family, labeling those items for easy identification.

Arrange for Storage Space

Storage space should then be arranged. Ask the moving company whether they do packing and storage or who they might recommend if they do not. Be sure the unit is climate-controlled to best protect personal belongings. Consider also whether any vehicles need to be stored and make the appropriate arrangements for cars as well.

Pack Items for Relocation and Storage

Once storage space has been secured with packing and storage companies, begin boxing the two groups of items separately. Label the boxes according to their destination. When packing for storage, consider the following important tips to ensure the safekeeping of these items while they await delivery at the final destination:

  • Furniture - Disassemble furniture as much as possible and protect with sheets, blankets, bubble wrap, and/or furniture pads. Avoid using any kind of plastic wrap directly on the surface of furniture since it could be affected by heat, which could ruin the item. Secure with straps and tape.
  • Electronics - Whenever possible, packing and storage of electronics should be done in original boxes. Alternatively, pack devices in strong boxes with anti-static plastic and bubble wrap as well as anti-static peanuts and paper. Fill all extra space to prevent movement and seal well to prevent moisture from getting inside.
  • Large Appliances - Carefully clean out appliances and drain any water. Tape hoses and wires to the appliance, then wrap them in blankets and furniture pads for protection.
  • Clothing, Mattresses, Bedding, etc. - Protect clothing by hanging it inside wardrobe boxes with some type of insect deterrent. Put delicate items in individual bags or containers for additional protection and to prevent mold. Mattresses should be vacuumed, then wrapped in durable mattress bags. Bedding, draperies, and other linens should be kept in plastic vacuum bags or other moisture-resistant containers.
  • Books - Mold is a primary concern when storing books, so ensure books are dry and do not contain mold. If any dampness is present, lay them in the sun or dry with a dehumidifier, then arrange in smaller yet strong boxes. Wrap leather bound books in paper to prevent sticking.

By using the right packing and storage techniques, belongings that go to storage should survive just fine. Once a family’s new residence is ready, all items can then be picked up from both locations by the moving and packing and storage companies to be delivered together to the new home. This type of multi-step move requires a little more planning;  however, it offers the important option of arranging a move around other, less flexible details!

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