Packing in preparation for a move is a very personal thing. Some people prefer to do all their own packing, while others choose to pay for packing services provided by a moving company. Some people may want to pack some of their things, then leave other items to be boxed up by the moving and packing company. To provide the best service possible, most moving companies offer a choice of different levels of packing services. Homeowners should understand what these different services include to avoid any confusion.

Full Packing Services

As the name suggest, full packing services include the complete packing of a household by the moving company. It usually includes providing boxes and packing materials to be used by professionally trained packers who know how to prepare items for safe shipment. Full packing services normally include everything in the home other than specific items set aside to be left out. Full packing also includes taking furniture apart as necessary for transport, labeling all items and boxes, and providing a complete inventory of included large items and boxes.

The cost for this service by a moving and packing company does increase the cost of a move; however, such cost for packing materials and the actual packing can be very worthwhile for many people. Packing is done quickly and efficiently, and the packing service is generally liable for breakage of any items they have packed. 

Partial Packing Services

For those who prefer to pack most of their belonging, yet need help with a few things, partial services may be an affordable option. With this service, packers will disassemble furniture and pack large or specialty items only as requested. Many choose this option for heavy items or anything that should be professionally packed, while dealing with the rest on their own. Materials provided are usually only for those items that are being professionally packed.

Owner Packing

The last option is for the people who are moving to completely pack everything themselves, including furniture disassembly and specialty items. This eliminates the cost for packing materials, in most cases. Some items may require packing in a specific way, so anyone planning to do their own packing should check with moving companies about this requirement. Owner-packed items may be subject to different liability rules, which should also be clarified with the moving company ahead of time.

Unpacking Services

Most moving companies that provide packing services also include unpacking at the final destination as well as reassembly of furniture as a part of the standard service. This means full packing of a household would be fully unpacked, while only the specific items packed for a partial pack would be unpacked at the new location.

When setting up a moving date, be sure to schedule packing services at that time, if so desired. This is necessary because a moving and packing company must allot the necessary time to pack prior to loading items on the moving truck at the time scheduled for the action. Based on the size of the move, packers may need to arrive up to a day ahead of the arrival of workers to load the moving van. Depending on individual time and budget needs, someone who is moving can usually choose any of the above packing services for their move!

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