Professional packing protects your possessions

and helps to ensure that they arrive safe and secure at your new destination. Packing is especially important for a long distance move, or when storage is being utilized.

At Transtar, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We employ only certified professional packers to pack and protect your belongings. All items are hand wrapped, and we cover and fully protect all hardwood and carpeted surfaces. We also make sure to blanket or shrink wrap your furniture for the highest level of protection from scratches and other incidental damages. If you have any extra fragile or delicate items just let us know! Special attention will be given to help keep them safe during your move.

All of our equipment is meticulously maintained and operated by highly skilled professionals. Our modern, fully-equipped trucks are specifically designed to help reduce the chance of goods being damaged in transit. Our reputation in the moving industry for quality is maintained with our large fleet of clean, fully-equipped moving vans, trained and courteous personnel, and superior customer service.

Visit our Moving Tips and Tools section for tips and more information, or you can also call us at (856) 727-1060 to find out what packing materials Transtar can provide. We will give you the pricing and information on the various materials used in the packing process so that you can decide what you need and when you need it.

Visit Moving Tips & Tools for great packing tips and more information on what you need to know about packing materials.