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Moving is stressful for most people, even when they hire household movers to take care of the heavy work. For neat freaks and people who become easily stressed by clutter and disorder, moving may be even more stressful. Organization is the key to keeping things under control and reducing the clutter and stress that disarray can cause. With the following helpful tips, even the neatest of neatniks can move with the help of reliable movers services and stay relaxed throughout the entire process.

Get An Organizer and Use It

Between scheduling with movers services, changing mailing addresses, dealing with utilities, and meeting the many other move-related deadlines, there is a lot to organize when relocating. Use a planner or an organizer application to help manage all these dates, deadlines, and numbers. It will prevent forgetting about a lot of important details that could cause stress later on.

Use Packing To Move As An Opportunity

Since everything will be touched and then packed into boxes, use packing for a move as a unique opportunity to clean and declutter. First, reduce by getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary items. Have a garage sale, donate items, or throw things out. The reduction in items to unpack at the new house means less work and less clutter. Next, clean everything as it is being put into packing boxes so that once it is unpacked, it can be put away clean.

Pack and Label Efficiently

One of the biggest challenges when moving, even with the help of experienced household movers, is disorganized unpacking. A great way to reduce stress while unpacking and reduce lost items at the same time is to be organized and efficient while packing everything in the first place. Pack by room and keep an inventory sheet of all things put into each box. Number the packed boxes according to inventory sheets to have a quick record to reference once movers deliver everything to the new residence.

Pack An Overnight Box

Even in the best circumstances, waiting for movers services to arrive and pack everything onto their truck, transporting all of it, and then unpacking the truck can take a while. Rather than having to dig through boxes to find a few necessities, pack an overnight box that contains the items most necessary once the move is complete. Include a few mugs, plates, and eating utensils, toiletries, and any daily use items that should be easy to reach, even before the unboxing begins. An overnight box will prevent the need to tear into other boxes and clutter up the new place before everyone is ready to start systematically unpacking.

Make An Unpacking Plan

With the overnight box and inventory sheets to help keep things under control, continue this effort by creating an unpacking plan. Decide ahead of time what items and rooms need to be unpacked first, then leave the rest for later. Start by putting together and making beds, then unpack and set up bathrooms, kitchens, and other furnishings. Leave the least important items for last, packing them away once all furnishings are reassembled and the essentials are already in their place.

Reducing the stress of moving requires some forethought and working with experienced household movers. With the right preparation, even those who are stressed by clutter and messy environments can survive until movers services deliver everything and they can unpack in an orderly way. Once the movers have gone, it will be no time before the new home is all set up, neat and clean, and ready to enjoy!

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