Transtar’s Storage Process
Choosing Transtar to store items can be more beneficial and efficient than using a public storage facility. Here’s why:

stage 1Professional Packers evaluating a home for storage needs.

We arrive at your current residence and begin to inventory each item to assure everything is accounted for.

stage 2

We then load your belongings directly into the vaults on our truck. These same vaults will be stored at our warehouse.

stage 3
Boxes placed in our state of the art storage facility

The truck is emptied of your vaults at our warehouse where they are then stored away safely.

stage 4

At your request a truck will bring out the vaults to your new residence for a quick and painless delivery.


Whether you need short or long term storage,
Transtar Moving Systems’ facility is specifically built to meet our customers’ storage needs.  We also offer containerized storage options.  Transtar can provide you with:

  • A 55,000 square foot, superior temperature controlled storage warehouse space.
  • A facility protected by a 24-hour alarm and surveillance, and state of the art fire protection systems.
  • Carefully packed storage containers free from dust, damage, or lost articles.
  • The industry’s most current techniques in storage, furniture wrapping, and protection for your possessions.
  • A facility that is available for customer inventory or inspection.
  • Available storage space for corporate and residential equipment, inventory, records, and household goods.
  • A staff dedicated to excellent warehouse management and controls.
  • A fully trained team focused on continuous service improvements. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure that satisfaction is met at every level of your move.