Relocating for a job is exciting for those people looking forward to starting a new position with a new company. Yet the moving part of a relocation can be extremely stressful, especially considering that such a move must usually be completed within a short time frame. When time is critical and starting work in a new city requires a fast move, an employee or new hire who is relocating must hire experienced residential moving services or corporate moving services that understand the challenges involved.

Does the Employer Offer Relocation Services?

Many companies that require employees or new hires to relocate provide relocation services, which is definitely something worth asking about. Companies who offer corporate moving services pay for moving and packing an employee’s household goods, up to an approved amount. The employee is then able to take care of other important things during this hectic time. It is also beneficial as it allows employees to hire the services of professional residential moving services who can pack and move a home within the allotted time frame. Relocation services may even extend beyond moving costs and cover things like travel to the new location, hotel stays during house or apartment hunting, short-term storage should it be necessary, and other costs incurred because of the relocation.

In terms of moving companies, some employers may also have specific corporate moving services they prefer to use, so employees should be sure to ask that question. Make sure to get all the details, from moving allowances to moving insurance, and other specifics involved with getting things packed and relocated on time. Additionally, some moving expenses may be tax deductible depending on who pays for what, especially if no relocation assistance is offered.

Plan and Organize

Once a relocating employee is aware of their moving time frame and have found a new home in their new city, it is time to begin planning the actual move. Start off by getting a few moving estimates. When a company pays for the relocation, submit estimates for approval. At this time, it is important to get an estimate approved and decide on a mover as quickly as possible in order to schedule a moving date. Once a date to move has been determined, begin planning for things like mail forwarding, shutting off and turning on utilities, gathering important papers and records, etc.

Pack and Prepare

Unless being packed by the movers, start packing the house as soon as possible. In either case, be sure to pack separate boxes of the items that will be most necessary upon arrival. This will help to reduce time lost searching for tings when getting ready to start a new job is the priority. Pack clothing and needed essentials separately for the trip and first day or two after the movers arrive, so there is no need to dig around for things in a sea of boxes. Carefully inventory and label the contents of each box to further help with locating necessary items when time will be short.

Getting through the moving portion of a relocation can definitely be trying, as it involves a great deal of activity in a relatively short amount of time. Any employee or new hire can relax when working with experienced residential moving services or corporate moving services.  These professionals understand the importance of a job relocation and will work to make it easier than trying to do it all alone. Employees can arrive at a new home and a new job quickly and easily, thanks to help from experienced moving services!

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