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Relocating is said to be the third most stressful event that anyone must deal with in their life. Even when you hire great moving services, it can be a very busy and confusing time. So how can you get through a home relocation with the least amount of stress and frustration?

Start out by hiring the best household moving services. Then use the easy tips below offered by home moving companies to keep everything under control, from the initial planning to unpacking the last box.

1. Start Early

The easiest way to keep your entire relocation on track and reduce stress is to start the process early. Moving services recommend that you research companies a few months in advance and decide on one at least a month ahead of your move. Once your date is scheduled, start preparing so you have enough time for everything and will not miss things because you are rushed.

2. Get Organized and Be Prepared

Make a list of all the things you need to accomplish before the household moving services show up to load your things. In your schedule, plan for things like: yard sales; collecting medical, school, and financial records; forwarding mail and notifying utility companies; and everything else you will need to deal with. Make a moving folder to keep your list and other important notes and phone numbers in one place. Good organization will allow you to be in control and well-prepared without the frustration.  

3. Pack the Right Way

Taking the time to pack carefully will go a long way in reducing the distress of broken or missing items later. Home moving companies recommend packing room-by-room, beginning with the items that you use the least. Use strong boxes and the right types of packing material. Take apart heavy, unstable, or difficult to pack furnishings so they can be safely loaded.

 4. Manage Hardware, Cords, and Essential Components

When packing, avoid losing important hardware, electronic cables, and other required accessories by putting them in Ziploc bags and taping them to their respective items. This simple tip will save you the anxiety of lost components when it is time to reassemble everything at your new home.  

5. Label Everything

Label all your boxes by room and contents. Some suggest numbering all boxes and making a detailed box and inventory list. This will help moving services know which rooms to bring items to while giving you an easy way to find whatever you need in a short amount of time. Label anything that should not be packed so it does not get loaded on the truck.

6. Plan for Kids and Pets

Keep children and pets out of the way during loading and unloading days so everyone stays safe. Prepare traveling kits for each child and pet; enlist the help of a family member or friend to keep children and pets occupied while household moving services are working.

7. Have A Move-In Day Plan

While having your things delivered and unloaded by home moving companies signals the light at the end of the tunnel, that first day in your new home can be stressful as well. Plan ahead for the things you want to accomplish that day to reduce the stress. Unpack the most important boxes first, plan for a meal out to get away for a short time, then stop by the local grocery to pick up essentials on the way back. Continue systematically unpacking and you will get it done faster and easier.  

As stressful as moving a household can be even when leaving the heavy work to home moving companies, you can feel calm and controlled through the entire process with the proper planning. Choose a qualified moving service, organize yourself with a timeline and the other details you need, and give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. By the time your household moving services arrive to load everything, you will be one step ahead of everything, ready to meet your belongings at your new home!

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