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When you get ready to move, there are countless household movers you could hire to handle a relocation. With so many options, how do you know if you are hiring the best moving company? Be sure to hire a local moving company that provides you with the important qualities referenced below.

1. Well-Trained Sales Reps

Your entire relocation experience starts with and is based upon the expertise of the moving company sales representative. To give you best service, the rep should be friendly and interested in your specific needs in order to help you arrange for an easy move. They should know all company policies, be able to answer any of your questions, and be there to work with you from first contact to the follow up after the relocation.

2. References Upon Request

Besides researching online reviews and other sources of customer testimonials, you should also ask movers to provide you with customer references for the past 12 months. A reputable local moving company that offers great service and is proud of the service they offer should be able to provide you with these references upon request.

3. Accurate, Well-Explained Service Quotes

An accurate expense quote of your move is essential to avoid the chance of unexpected fees or not receiving the service you thought you paid for. Alleviate this problem by working with a moving company that sends a rep to your house to make an accurate inventory list.

A moving company rep should provide you with a full explanation of all charges, fees, services, insurance inclusions and exclusions that reflect the distance of your move, your specific inventory, and their hourly service rates. The company should also offer you the choice of a either a binding or non-binding estimate.

4. Clean, Courteous, and Punctual Workers

The workers who are sent to pack, load, and unload your belongings should arrive on time and work the entire time they are on the job, stopping only for short breaks when necessary. They should be cleanly dressed, courteous and professional, and handle your possessions with care.

Household movers should always send enough workers to get the work done in the quoted amount of time. If you feel uncomfortable with the service being provided, stop the workers and speak to your representative before any more work is done.

5. Equipment Required to Provide Great Service

Along with sending the right number of qualified and courteous workers, a local moving company should have all the equipment necessary to facilitate a smooth and safe move. Trucks should be in good condition and employees should arrive with the safety gear, lifting, and moving equipment they need to load all of your items.

6. Customer Follow-Up After the Move

Every respectable moving service will normally call a few days after your move to ensure you received great service and inquire if anything was damaged. They should advise how to handle damage claims and work out any other concerns you may have. The representative may also ask you to provide a reference if you had a positive experience.

Choosing the right moving company can take some time. A great local moving company can make the difference between a smooth and stress-free move and one just the opposite. Be sure to look for dependable household movers who have these qualities!

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