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Besides a lot of boxes and packing materials, moving also involves a lot of paperwork. The many forms that must be filled out for each job to be performed by moving services can get confusing. To make your move easier, take a few minutes to learn about the various moving company forms and why they are so important.

1. Service Estimate

The first document you should receive from a moving service you are considering is a service estimate. Your estimate is a summary of moving costs based on the items you need to have relocated, where they will be moved to, any packing or storage services required, and other specifics. This estimate will state whether it is binding or non-binding and include insurance information and other details related to your service.

2. Order for Moving Service

Once you have chosen a moving company and agree to the terms of their estimate, an Order for Service will be issued. This contract outlines the agreement between you and the moving company; it gives them permission to handle your items as described in the contract. You must sign this Order of Service and pay a deposit to confirm your service reservation.

3. Inventory List

On moving day, the moving company will begin to pack and load your belongings. While this is being done, the supervisor will create an inventory list of every box and item that is loaded onto the truck. The inventory list will include notes about the condition of the items before loading as well as any other relevant details.

Each item will receive a numbered sticker and this number will be recorded on the inventory sheet. These stickers are important to ensure you receive every item on the truck at the final destination. Missing items can be identified by the sticker and the list.

After the truck is packed and a complete inventory list done, your moving services company will provide you with a copy of the inventory list along with a Bill of Lading. Make sure to look the inventory list over carefully and make any disputes before the truck leaves. Any changes will require your signature as well as the signature of the supervisor.

4. High Value Inventory List

If you have any items that are of high value, they will be included on a separate inventory list and specifically labeled for easy identification. The value of your expensive items will be recorded on the inventory list as well.

5. Bill of Lading

Once all of your items are packed, inventoried, and loaded onto the truck, you will be presented with a Bill of Lading. This final contract should state the following information:

  • The name, address and contact information of the company
  • Your name, current address, contact information
  • Delivery address
  • Date of loading and estimated delivery
  • A list of all services provided and service rates
  • Your method of payment; insurance information
  • Dispute settlement information
  • A valuation addendum of the method you have chosen to value your property

You are required to sign the Bill of Lading before the truck leaves the property with your items. You should review everything carefully; be sure to resolve any disputes at that time since the Bill of Lading releases your items to the moving company.

Put your copy of the Bill of Lading with your copy of both inventory lists, the Order of Service, and the original service estimate together in an envelope and keep those documents with you. You will need them when your items are delivered to be sure that everything arrived safely and you received the agreed service.

Moving services must follow strict rules regarding how they charge for their services, insure your items, and transport your property to a new location. These important forms track your service from beginning to end, spelling out everything for both you and the moving company. In the event that any problems arise, this paperwork will be invaluable for the resolution of moving disputes. Keep it safely with you during and after your relocation until your move comes to a successful conclusion!

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