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When a new job or employee relocation means moving to a new city, your employer may be paying for your move as part of your hiring or benefits package. If this is the case, you will need the services of corporate moving companies that are familiar with employee relocation and will work with your employer regarding estimates, payments, and other relocation details.

Before you hire commercial moving services to help you, it is important to know ahead of time what relocation expenses are reimbursable by your employer and which ones are not. Companies have different policies regarding moving expenses and how much they will pay for corporate moving services and other costs related to your move.

Home Search Expenses

After you have accepted a position in a new city, most employers reimburse you for expenses incurred while you are searching for a new home. This may include paying for a home search service that will find prospects more efficiently than you making multiple trips to the new location to look for homes.

Moving and Insurance Expenses

Employers often reimburse the fees charged by corporate moving companies to pack your belongings at the home you are leaving, load them, move them, and then unpack them at your new home. This usually includes any necessary insurance. Employers may set limits on how much they are willing to pay for corporate moving services and insurance.

Be sure you know about any restrictions or limitations ahead of time or you could wind up responsible for part of the bill.

Storage and Temporary Lodging Expenses

Employee relocations may require you to initially stay in a hotel or apartment when you start your new job before you move into a new home. In these situations, storage of your belongings by commercial moving services is usually covered; temporary lodging expenses may be covered as well.

Other Reimbursable Expenses

In addition to the more obvious expenses that you may encounter when moving to start a new job, there are a few others that some employers will reimburse as well. These may include paying for job search services for your spouse if your relocation means they must quit their job; assistance in finding the right schools for your children; and pre-move tours of your new city so you can become accustomed to the area more quickly.

Payment Options

While most of the expenses you encounter due to a relocation are reimbursable by your employer, you should know in advance how your employer plans to pay for these expenses. Some employers accept billing directly from corporate moving companies and other services. Others expect you to pay initially, and then submit expense forms for reimbursement.

This is an important detail to remember before you book any service so that you are able to budget appropriately and ensure your relocation is as smooth as possible.

Today’s corporate moving companies are experienced with employee relocation and can advise you about how to deal with schedules, payments, and other factors involved with your move. Begin your moving process by talking to your employer about exactly what they are willing to reimburse and if there are any cost limitations. Then search for commercial moving services who can work within that budget.

You may even want to ask your human resources department if there are any recommended or contracted corporate moving services, which could make this transition even easier!

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