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Hiring movers can be complicated, especially since there are so many choices for moving companies. It may be tempting to hire based on price alone;  however, doing so could result in hiring a moving company that does not provide the best service. Before letting a low price be the main hiring factor, compare what is included in the prices so there are no surprises on moving day.

Get Accurate Price Estimates

The first thing anyone looking for a moving company must do is to get a few estimates and start comparing prices and some other factors. Some services may offer an estimate over the phone or online, which may not be very accurate. To get the most realistic price from all moving companies, a representative should come to the moving location and provide a detailed assessment of the job. Request a binding estimate which guarantees that the estimate will not change in any way between the date of the estimate and the moving date. With several price quotes from movers in hand, it is time to begin comparing the other important details outlined below.

What Services And Options Are Included?

Services and options are where smart customers must really investigate what they are getting for their money and which moving companies actually provide the best service. Customers should have a clear understanding that most movers charge additional fees for packing and unpacking, and certain other services may or may not be included in the quoted price.

Does the quote include the disassembly and reassembly of furniture? What about the handling of what the company deems to be an oversized item? Can they transport delicate items safely? If there is some delay in the move, how does the moving company handle things like date changes, delayed delivery, and temporary storage?

In addition, what does the company base their fees on? Do they charge by the pound or by square footage? How many workers are included in the quote and what happens if more are needed? Find out whether there are ways to get a quote reduced, such as any available promotions or moving during the week rather than the weekend.

What Do the Reviews Say?

After all the questions referenced above have been answered; after price, services and conditions have been compared, there is one more step that should be taken before hiring a relocation service. Reviews from previous customers should be researched to get an idea of whether the people who actually used the moving service were happy. Take note of both praises and complaints to get an idea whether there are any issues with a particular company. Pay special attention to comments regarding billing issues and whether or not each specific company stayed with their initial quote.

Look for these reviews online on popular business review sites such as Yelp, or specialized sites like Also ask friends and family for their input on movers and even request referrals from the company itself. Once again, a great price may not be so great if there are a lot of issues with the service. Who better to obtain this information from than the customers who have already worked with the moving company?

After securing all of the above information, it should be somewhat easier to determine which moving companies really offer a great service for the price and which do not. Movers who give low quotes often either increase their price after the fact or do not offer a complete service. Yet customers should not just assume that the highest rate will be the best choice, either. Every move is different; hiring the right moving company requires careful comparison and a judgment call by the customer as to which service seems to be the best option for them!

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