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Breaking up is hard to do, as the saying goes. Unfortunately, it can be even more difficult when breaking up also means need to call movers services. Facing the work that comes with moving with the added emotions of a breakup could create additional problems. Yet it is possible to avoid the stress and make the best of a less than ideal situation. Try the following tips to get everything in order while planning with local movers and look ahead to new possibilities.

Deal First With the Lease Agreement

Before arranging with local movers, sit down together and discuss how to resolve the lease, as that could affect credit history. The best choice is to work this out in the most favorable way for both parties. Can the lease be ended early? If so, split any financial penalties to make the cleanest break. If there is no way to end the lease early without significant penalty, someone will have to stay while someone else moves out. If this is not possible, consider looking for a way to sublet the space until the lease is up. Once the issue of the lease has been resolved, then it’s time to call movers services and arrange for the move itself.

Who Gets What?

Who is taking what can become an arguing point if both parties do not make the effort to stay calm and negotiate fairly. Start out by identifying all personal belongings, then move on to anything that was obtained together. Whether the breakup is between spouses or between an unmarried couple, there may be items that both individuals would like to keep. Compromise and even barter a little, if necessary.

If there are items that become an arguing point, sell them in a garage sale or at a flea market. The idea of doing this could become the motivation to compromise a little more before the local movers show up. Sentimental items may be particularly challenging to deal with; compromise and negotiate or just get rid of them.

Consider Finances

Some couples may have joint bank accounts, credit cards, and other joint accounts. When there is a break up, it is important to immediately separate these accounts so that each person controls their own finances once again. Discuss any remaining bills and how they should be split. Consider splitting the cost of movers services as well when the alternative of staying is not possible, since moving out can be quite an expense.

Hire Experienced Local Movers

During a break up, getting things packed and moved can become a bit challenging, especially if the one moving out is not currently living in the residence. This can be the best time to work with local movers who will also do the packing, which will eliminate the need to go back to the shared space until moving day. With a little guidance of what to take and what to leave, experienced movers services can get the job done quickly and get the departing person headed to their new home promptly. If packing has been done in advance, local movers can go to the home and pick up the boxes left behind and deliver them to the new home. Discuss the situation with movers services to determine the best plan based on the situation.

Moving out after a breakup is never easy; however, it does not have to be a disaster. By discussing the important issues civilly and coming to the most favorable agreements, arranging for movers services can be the final step toward a new future. With the help of experienced, efficient local movers to get everything relocated quickly, moving into a new home will be less traumatic and involve fewer problems.

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