Moving a household during the Christmas season is not something most people look forward to, as this is already a stress-filled time of year. Due to circumstances, whether a new job or the availability of more time off from work, some people find themselves needing to do just that. Thankfully, there are local movers who do move people over the holidays and can help those who need to move during this time. To keep the chaos to a minimum when movers arrive during the holidays, use the following tips to enjoy a new home in the New Year!

Schedule Early

A moving date for a normal move at any other time of the year should be reserved with local movers about two months in advance. During the holidays, it is best to start looking for movers even earlier. Not all moving companies offer services during the Christmas holiday, so finding one may be a challenge. Once the right service is located, locking in the moving date is generally “first come, first serve.”

Budget Wisely

Moves that take place in the winter months are often less expensive than the rest of the year, since winter can be a slower time for movers. Over the Christmas holidays, a move could cost more, since the weeks before and between Christmas and New Years tend to be in high demand for moving.

Consider Full Service Moving

To reduce the amount of time spent packing, many people choose to hire a packing service so they can still make the most of their holiday time. Luxury, end-to-end full service moving over the holidays can give people the time they want to spend with family and friends; however, all of this comes with a higher price tag.

Keep The Holiday Spirit By Keeping Things Separate

When moving during the holidays, expand the idea of the “first night box” that gets packed last and opened first, to include holiday essentials. Whether visiting others or spending time at home, do not let a move disrupt the festive spirit. A little bit of decorating, some holiday music, and having the right clothing handy can help keep the spirit. Plan ahead to celebrate by packing these necessities separately, and the move will not feel as disruptive. Make things a little more casual by celebrating with plastic and paper holiday “dinnerware” that can be thrown out afterward, so the real thing can be packed away beforehand.

Enlist the Help of Others

Although it might not be the most traditional holiday, having friends or family over to celebrate, and enlisting their help to pack some boxes, can turn into a fun evening. Play holiday tunes, make special desserts and treats, and reminisce about both the times past and times yet to come while filling up moving boxes. It is a great way to keep everyone occupied while making a lot of progress in preparation for moving day.

Explain to Children

Moving is stressful on kids as well as adults, especially during the holidays. Explain to younger children that Santa will still find them at their new house. Let them help in making holiday “new address” announcements, and mail them to friends and family. Don’t forget to leave out a few toys or activities to keep them occupied between the pack and the arrival of the movers.

Above all, whether packing in preparation for the movers or unpacking at the new house, take a break from things as needed. Relax and enjoy a holiday movie with loved ones or walk around the neighborhood to look at holiday lights. Moving during the Christmas holidays may not be preferred; however, when it is necessary, planning ahead, before local movers arrive can help make that holiday move feasible!

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