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A household move requires a lot of planning, from boxing up all those belongings on time, to forwarding the mail when it gets close to moving day. One common question that many people have when they start planning their move is whether it’s better to hire movers for a weekend move or have the home movers show up on a week day. Since there are advantages and disadvantages to both, the answer to that question is going to be different for everyone.

Weekend Convenience

For those looking to move without having to take time off from work, hiring movers for a weekend can definitely be more convenient. When the move is local, home movers can frequently get a customer relocated and the trucks unpacked on the same day. A Saturday move leaves Sunday to start unpacking, just in time to get back to work on Monday. This may be especially important for families with children, as a weekend move will allow parents to get kids to their new school at the start of the new week.

Weekday Versus Weekend - Availability

Before picking up the phone to schedule Saturday movers, it is important to realize that home movers have less availability on the weekends. Since there are many people who want to move on the weekend to avoid disrupting their work week, weekend schedules for movers fill up much faster than weekday schedules. Therefore, anyone who plans on moving on a weekend must call well in advance to schedule home movers.

Weekday Versus Weekend - Cost

Along with the higher demand for weekend moving, there is often a higher cost as well. Most movers charge peak moving rates on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. As a result, movers generally offer lower weekday rates to encourage customers to schedule their moves when there is less demand and more service availability. If cost is a concern, a weekday move will usually be somewhat less expensive.

Other Considerations

Although cost and convenience are likely to be the main concerns for most people, professional home movers recommend that customers look at other details that may affect their move as well. On weekdays, some moves may be affected by rush hour traffic, while weekend moves could be affected by family traffic from people out and about running errands and doing other activities. People who may rely on the help of others to complete their move might have better luck getting the help they need on the weekend. If there is any problem with the utilities at the new location, those moving on the weekend will usually have to wait until Monday to resolve any issues.

To reduce moving hassles in general, home movers generally recommend that people move on a weekday as it can be less expensive and all necessary services are usually available during the week. Still, since many people prefer to move on a weekend even if it does cost a little more, movers can schedule a weekend move with enough advance notice. The rule of thumb, whether moving on a weekend or a weekday, is to plan early to make sure all your bases are covered. The goal, whether hiring movers for a weekday or a weekend, is to have the most stress-free move as possible!

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