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South Jersey Storage Services

Finding movers with storage in South Jersey can be a challenge. Finding a dependable moving and storage company that’ll handle your belongings with great care and attention might feel impossible. Fortunately, you have us at Transtar Moving Systems.

Transtar is your trusted full-service moving and storage company. We’re available for short-term or long-term storage solutions in PhillyMt. Laurel and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and throughout the South Jersey area.

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Sometimes, a move is not as simple as just getting your possessions from point A to point B. Perhaps you have to move out of your old home and your new home isn’t ready yet. Maybe you’re renovating your home and need somewhere to store furniture until the renovations are done.

While you could put your stuff in public storage in Cherry Hill or wherever you are located, why not let Transtar Moving Systems take care of everything?


People who are moving tend to select short-term storage if they need somewhere to hold a truck overnight. For example, a home buyer may have to wait a day or two to move into their new home after selling their old one. Therefore, they need a place to park a truck filled with their belongings for a night or so.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, Transtar is happy to help. No job is too small for us — even if all you need is a day of storage in Cherry Hill or a few hours of overnight truck parking elsewhere in South Jersey, we’re here for you.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Short-Term Storage Needs

Moving is stressful to begin with. Having to find and secure a short-term storage unit adds more to your plate. Let us help reduce your burden as much as possible.

When you select us for your short-term storage needs, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • You won’t have to deal with other companies. No need to search for or contact other storage companies to help during your move. When you reach out to us, we’ll coordinate a plan that meets all of your moving and storage needs.
  • We’ll get you moved in quickly and effortlessly. Moving your items into and out of storage fast shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. We’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can feel great as you get settled into your new home.
  • We’ll take care of your belongings. You can trust we’ll keep your belongings safe and secure, whether they’re in our storage facility or being handled by our personnel. Our movers are trained in the most effective packing, loading and storing methods.
  • We’ll adapt to your needs and timelines. We understand dates and times can change at the last minute during a move. We’re prepared to adjust to any changes in your timeline and put your needs first.


Alternatively, you may need longer-term storage. Maybe you know there will be a more significant delay between when you can leave your old home and move into your new one. Or maybe you’ve determined your renovation timeline will take weeks or even months. In these situations, you’ll need a secure place to store your belongings for as long as you need.

If that’s the case for you, Transtar offers an excellent solution. With our long-term storage options, you can be sure your belongings are in good hands.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Long-Term Storage Needs

When you choose Transtar for long-term storage, we’ll work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. Benefits of our long-term storage options include:

  • You’ll have peace of mind. With us as your moving and storage partner, you won’t have to worry about determining if a storage space is the right size for your belongings, or if your items will be kept in great condition. We’ll handle all the logistics for you and ensure your possessions are safe in our secure, modern facility.
  • We’ll keep things simple. No need to worry about who you’ll call when moving into or out of a storage unit. We’ll be the only point of contact you’ll need to accomplish your goals.
  • We’re flexible. If you don’t need a long-term storage solution after all, that’s okay. We’re happy to accommodate your storage needs as they change.


Our storage process is simple and eliminates the need to find other storage companies in MoorestownCherry Hill or Marlton. It starts when we arrive at the home you are moving out of. We’ll inventory all your items and check with you to make sure everything we will move and store is accounted for.

We then move your items directly into vaults that are already on our truck — no double handling is involved. The vaults will go into our warehouse with your intact items safely inside.

At our storage facility, your vaults are all stored close together in a safe and secure location where we can access them at a moment’s notice. When your new home is ready to receive your items, let us know, and we will load those same vaults onto a truck and bring them right to your new home, where we will unload everything to complete your move.

Transtar’s Storage Process

Choosing Transtar to store items can be more beneficial and efficient than using a temporary public storage facility. Here’s why:


We arrive at your current residence and begin to inventory each item to ensure everything is accounted for.


We then load your belongings directly into the vaults on our truck. These same vaults will be stored at our warehouse.


The truck is emptied of your vaults at our warehouse, where they are then stored away safely.


At your request, a truck will bring the vaults to your new residence for a quick and painless delivery.


In addition to our highly-skilled, courteous, and professional moving and storage personnel, the benefits of using Transtar Moving Systems for your storage needs include:

  • A modern 55,000-square-foot heated warehouse
  • 24-hour alarm and surveillance
  • State-of-the-art fire-protection systems
  • Careful packing to minimize damage and loss
  • Dust- and debris-free storage containers
  • The most up-to-date industry methods for furniture wrapping, storage and protection
  • Easy access for inspection or customer inventory
  • Available storage space for corporate and residential equipment, inventory, records and household goods
  • Superior warehouse controls and management
  • Short- and long-term storage options
  • A fully trained team focused on continuous service improvements

Our team will work closely with you to ensure every level of your move meets your satisfaction.



Top reasons to choose our storage services include:

  • Minimal handling and moving of items means a highly reduced chance of lost items
  • Minimal handling and moving of items means a highly reduced chance of broken items
  • Dealing with only one company for moving and storage means fewer logistical hassles, communication issues and other headaches
  • Storing items safely together means you can access them quickly


No matter what kind of relocation scenario you’re facing, Transtar is here for you. We can handle anything that gets thrown your way during your move.

We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes — no job is too big, complicated or daunting for our friendly pros. Our team is skilled in carefully packaging and moving your most valuable items to our storage facility and then again to your new home.

When you work with Transtar for South Jersey storage, you’ll gain the help of a supportive team, our trusted moving storage and packing transportation, and a range of flexible options.

We offer convenient, reliable Mt. LaurelMoorestownMarlton and Cherry Hill moving and storage solutions, and we help make your move quick and easy so you can get on with whatever your next adventure has in store for you in South Jersey, Philadelphia, or beyond.


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When you use Transtar for your moving and storage, you get a company with a reputation for quality stretching back decades. Our family-based company treats all its customers like family.