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Shamong, NJ

Your Guide to Living in Shamong, New Jersey

Shamong, New Jersey, has appeared on a number of listings of the best places to live in New Jersey. With its friendly residents and deep roots dating back before the Revolutionary War, Shamong is among the most desirable communities in which to live in Central Jersey, with people flocking to this area as well as nearby towns like Marlton and Mt. Laurel. When they arrive, they find history combined with modern technology for a town that has grown and developed a reputation for solid schools and more affordable real estate than other parts of the state.

Are you considering relocation to Shamong? As one of South Jersey’s premier storage and moving companies, we put together this guide for moving to or near Shamong, New Jersey. This guide is designed to answer questions you may have about the area, its amenities and its demographics.


People who love history will appreciate the rich legacy of this township. Shamong gets its name from a Native American word meaning “place of the big horn.” Industrialism brought mills to the area, which originally was home to several Native American tribes. Today, the township has a thriving arts and culture community and has seen a recent growth in available jobs.

Location Benefits of Living in Shamong

Like other Philadelphia suburbs in New Jersey, Shamong offers great proximity to Philadelphia. In only 45 minutes, you can be across the Delaware River and in Philly. Many people choose to live in Shamong, trading the commute for a place where the cost of living is significantly lower, and traffic concerns are limited to the occasional rush hour traffic snarl.

Shamong is also located near Trenton, and you can reach the Jersey Shore in a matter of minutes.

Demographics of Shamong, NJ

The median age of residents in Shamong, New Jersey, is nearly 44 years old. More retirees have been moving to the community, drawn by its proximity to major metro areas and laid-back vibe. The median household income is around $111,000, making it more affluent than most American communities, though on par with other nearby locations such as Moorestown and Cherry Hill.

The cost of living in Shamong is nearly a third higher than the U.S. average. This is usually because the high prices people pay on the New Jersey real estate market drive up the cost of living. The median cost of a home is $322,600, slightly higher than the statewide average and nearly a third above the U.S. average.

Here are a few additional demographic facts about living in Shamong:

  • The average household has three members
  • The population is 87% Caucasian
  • More than 40% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree

Outdoor Activities in Shamong

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? In every season, you can find things to do in or around the township. Shamong sits alongside the Wharton State Forest, which includes areas for:

  • Canoeing on rivers and streams
  • Hiking, including on a portion of the Batona Trail
  • Viewing the abundance of wildlife, including eagles, otters, deer, screech owls and foxes

Retirement and 55+ Communities in Shamong, NJ

People 55 and over recognize the appeal of Shamong, New Jersey, where easy access to Philadelphia and other metropolitan locations is balanced with the beautiful scenery of Central Jersey and a lower cost of living than you find in the city. To get away from it all, an increasing number of seniors are looking to 55+ communities.

You can find single-home options as well as other possibilities. Local retirement communities include:

  • Fawn Lake Village: This mobile estate community is located near a private lake and has easy access to primary shopping centers, medical facilities, state parks and major roadways.
  • Oakview Community: Oakview Community is another quaint and clean mobile home park in Shamong, NJ. This quiet space is well-maintained and perfect for retired couples building a new life.

In these communities, residents enjoy amenities such as golf or social events but are no longer responsible for the outdoor upkeep of a home.


Want to learn more about the area before you begin contacting moving companies about moving to Shamong, New Jersey? Here’s a detailed look at its weather, real estate market, entertainment scene and more:

  • Shamong weather: Like the rest of New Jersey, Shamong is fairly temperate. Temperatures fluctuate from the high 80s in the summer to the low 20s in the winter. The average rainfall is higher than in other parts of the country, but snow is notably lower.
  • Homes for sale: Home prices in Shamong increased in 2023, with many sellers aiming high with their listing prices. However, the median selling price of a home came in at $509k, considerably under the median listing price, so potential buyers do have some room to bargain.
  • Restaurants: You can find a range of different cuisines in Shamong. The Pic-A-Lilli Inn offers a relaxed atmosphere and vegetarian dining options. Locals enjoy the Shamong Diner & Restaurant, which scores high points for ambiance. It serves breakfast all day as well as delicious ice cream. Looking for a fancier night out? Try the La Campagnola Restaurant and Bar, an excellent location for large groups.
  • Entertainment: Residents of Shamong have loads of entertainment options to explore in Philadelphia. Additionally, a local favorite destination is the Valenzano Winery, where you can enjoy a wine tasting and get acquainted with the fruitful wines of New Jersey.
  • Schools: Shamong’s educational system is a point of pride among residents. With two public schools, it pours a lot of funding into its students, spending more than the national average per pupil.

Now that you know more about the area, you can start exploring your Shamong housing and moving options.


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