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Trenton, NJ

Moving to Trenton, New Jersey 

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Here’s what you need to know about Trenton’s history, geography, economy and more. 


Trenton is a city in Mercer County, New Jersey, and the state’s capital. The city was founded in 1719 and became New Jersey’s capital in 1792. It gets its name from William Trent, a Scottish immigrant who became a wealthy merchant in the British colonies in the late 1600s. 

Population and Area

As of 2021, Trenton has 90,457 residents, an increase of nearly 6,000 from 2010. Trenton covers 7.58 square miles, with a population density of over 11,900 people per square mile.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Trenton is 13.6% higher than the national average. While Trenton residents spend roughly 6% less on energy than the national average, they spend more on transportation, food, health care and housing. The median value of an owner-occupied home in Trenton is $97,000, with monthly owner expenses reaching $1,530. The median gross rent is $1,085. The minimum wage in Trenton is $13 per hour, while the median household income is $37,002. 


Trenton has seen steady economic growth in the 21st century. From 2010-2020, the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by roughly 50% from 25.498 million to 38.268 million. The most recent unemployment rate is 5.2% in the Trenton-Ewing area and 2.4% in the Trenton Metropolitan area


Overall, Trenton is a wonderful place to live. Here’s what you need to know about life in Trenton, New Jersey. 


In Trenton, 48.7% of people are Black or African American alone, 37.2% are Hispanic or Latino alone, 13.5% of residents are Caucasian alone and 1% are Asian alone. About 4% of the population has a background of two or more races. Females make up 51.3% of the population. Persons under the age of 18 account for 26.4% of the population, while those over 65 account for 11.3%. 


Trenton has a humid climate during all four seasons, which are equal in length. Precipitation is consistent across all four seasons. You can expect rain during the spring, summer and fall and snow during the winter.

Popular Attractions

As the state’s capital and one of its oldest cities, Trenton has various historic and cultural attractions. Tourists and residents enjoy attractions such as:

  • New Jersey State Museum
  • Trenton War Memorial
  • New Jersey State House 
  • Trenton Free Public Library 
  • Trenton Thunder Ballpark
  • Trenton Farmers Market

Public Transportation

The NJ TRANSIT bus system runs through Trenton. The city also features rail access through NJ TRANSIT’s Northeast
Corridor line, NJ TRANSIT’s new River LINE Light Rail service, AMTRAK and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority’s (SEPTA) regional rail service.


Trenton is a moderately walkable city. Walk Score grades Trenton’s walkability at 68. 


Thousands of residents enjoy living in and around Trenton, New Jersey. If you’re planning to move to the area, here are some tips to help you in the process: 

  1. Get to know the area: Knowing about the area you’re moving to always helps when settling in. Fortunately, this page has you covered.
  2. Set a timeline: There’s a lot to do when moving to a new city. Make the process more manageable by setting deadlines for when you want to have certain things packed and when you want to be totally moved in.
  3. Make a packing list: Belongings can get lost or forgotten during a move, so keep an organized list of what you’re bringing and where you packed them to save some stress.
  4. Take it slow: Packing and moving can happen over a few weeks. Give yourself time to slow down and avoid stressing out. 
  5. Hire movers: Moving is a lot of work, so leave it to the professionals. A moving company can pack, load, transport and unload your belongings when you move to Trenton. 


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