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Marlton, NJ

Marlton, NJ, Moving Guide

Farmers founded the community of Marlington, located in Burlington County, in 1676. The town experienced a population boom in the 1830s and 1840s after the discovery of marl, a valuable lime-rich mudstone, in the soil. Today, Marlton is a quiet suburb community close to Philadelphia. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, with many opportunities for activities and recreation. Read this Marlton moving guide to learn more about what this community has to offer.

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Living in Marlton, NJ, allows you to enjoy suburban quiet while still accessing vibrant city life. Marlton is home to many shopping centers and restaurants, as well as other entertainment opportunities. Though the population is on the smaller side, it is rising, with new businesses opening and neighborhoods under construction.

Top Reasons to Move to Marlton, NJ

Marlton is an ideal location for those who want big-city access and a suburban escape. It’s only half an hour away from Philadelphia, making it easy to spend the day in Philly. You can enjoy the cheesesteaks, games and shops anytime you want. A bus runs to Philadelphia along the 406 route. The town is also a short drive away from the Jersey Shore beaches, perfect for long summer days.

Other nearby communities include Cherry HillMt. LaurelEvesham Township and Moorestown.

Demographics of Marlton, NJ

Here’s some essential demographic information about Marlton, NJ, including population, median income, employment opportunities and racial diversity. In 2023, Marlton’s population is 10,491 residents. The median household income is $84,915, which is higher than the national average. Malton has many employment opportunities in the retail, health care, manufacturing and education industries.

In terms of racial diversity, the area is mostly Caucasian, at 86%. The remainder of the population is 6% Hispanic or Latino, 5% Asian American and 2% African American. Only 5% of individuals fall below the poverty level.

Marlton, NJ, at a Glance

Marlton is an ideal place to live, with four distinct seasons, spacious homes to choose from and high-rated local schools. Here are some noteworthy aspects of life in Marlton.

  • Typical weather: Marlton follows the region’s usual weather patterns. Summer lasts from May to September, with average temperatures above 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest temperatures, in December and January, can get down to 25 degrees. Rain can reach about 4 inches in July, the rainy season’s height. Most snowfall occurs at the end of January and is usually less than an inch.
  • Average cost of homes: The median home value for Marlton is over $270,000, which is well above the national average.
  • Homes for sale: Most homes in Marlton, NJ, are single-family detached units. There are also a growing number of apartment complexes.
  • School districts: Marlton has many private and public schools known for their quality education. The town is also home to several distinguished universities nearby, including the University of Pennsylvania and Haverford College. The University of Pennsylvania is a prestigious, private, Ivy League school, with notable alumni including Elon Musk, John Legend and multiple former United States presidents. Haverford College is a private liberal arts school with dozens of undergraduate programs.

Best Places to Live in Marlton

Some of the most popular Marlton neighborhoods are: 

  • Colts Run/Crofton Chase
  • Cambridge Park
  • Marlton Lakes/Crowfoot
  • Willow Ridge/Kresson
  • Pine Grove
  • Woodstream
  • Cropwell
  • Knights Bridge Estates/Delancey Place
  • King’s Grant/Oak Hollow
  • Greentree Village


You’ll always find ways to entertain yourself as a Marlton resident. The town offers plenty of dining options, outdoor activities, shopping centers, late-night hotspots and historical sites.

Dining Options

Marlton has various chain restaurants as well as local mom-and-pop eateries. Locals enjoy having a dinner of savory steak at Redstone American Grill or fresh sushi at Sushi Kingdom, then topping it off with a sweet dessert at La Cafe Creperie.

Outdoor Activities

Marlton offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and do something fun, for kids and adults alike. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy an 18-hole course at Indian Springs Golf Course. Diamonds at Arrowhead Park and the Memorial Complex offer a range of sports programs for children. The Memorial Park Playground is a great place to spend a fun-filled day with the whole family. It features a Peter-Pan theme, with slides, swings, a miniature obstacle course and plenty of other playing equipment your kids will love.

You can also enjoy a nature walk in Eisenhower Park or the nearby Wharton State Forest.

Shopping Centers

You’ll enjoy Marlton’s convenient shopping centers, full of popular stores and boutiques. You can walk along the Promenade at Sagemore and browse through the many shops, including:

  • Anthropologie
  • Ann Taylor
  • The Apple Store
  • Banana Republic
  • Coach
  • Francesca’s
  • Loft
  • Pandora
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • Sephora
  • Vera Bradley

After a day of shopping along the Promenade, you can grab a bite at one of its many dining options, like Chipotle, Panera Bread or Frutta Bowls. You’ll find it easy to lose track of a Saturday while shopping in Marlton.

Nightlife Activities

Many small towns offer little in the way of nightlife, but Marlton is a welcome exception. For late-night entertainment, you can listen to live music at The Marlton Tavern, a top-reviewed local restaurant with a cozy ambiance and dine-in pub. It’s a neighborhood gem, offering delicious American cuisine. Or, you could catch a movie at AMC Marlton 8.

Historical Sites

Marlton is also home to notable historic sites. European settlers first began farming the area in the 17th century, so the town has been part of American history since its beginnings. The discovery of marl in the ground brought a building boom in the 19th century, increasing Marlton’s popularity.

A notable historical landmark in the area is the Philadelphia Defense Area (PH)-32, a Project Nike missile base from the Cold War. Project Nike was a United States Army development of an anti-aircraft missile system, making PH-32 a relic of a significant moment in American history.

Ensure Your Move to Marlton, NJ, Is Efficient With Our Team

Marlton, NJ, is a growing community with lots of opportunities for entertainment and shopping. Close to Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, Marlton lets you enjoy the cityscape and beaches without too much driving. Marlton, NJ, is the perfect place to settle down and raise your family.

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Not everyone moving to Marlton, NJ, is an individual or family. With its desirable location and a large number of excellent employment candidates, the town also draws many businesses. If your company is moving its office location and needs movers, we can help. Transtar Moving Systems is recognized as the best business moving company in Marlton, NJ.

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Commercial movers balance efficiency with preserving your productivity. We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible because we understand that you still have to work during the move. You need things organized so you can hit the ground running as soon as your items have reached their new location.

With our vast experience as an office moving company, we understand how to transport tough-to-pack items as well as sensitive computer equipment and electronics. Commercial moving requires large-scale organization while keeping office disruptions to a minimum.

When you choose our services, you’ll also enjoy other benefits unique to our office relocation services, such as:

  • A quality guarantee: We’ll fix any damages that may occur during the move. That could mean removing scuffs on a wall or fixing paint.
  • Packing and unloading expertise: We offer our movers comprehensive training for packing, loading and unloading office equipment.
  • Courteous service: We employ professionals who will treat you with the respect you desire. Our well-mannered employees know their jobs and work hard.

Moving your business to a new town is a challenging undertaking. You’ll love what you find in Marlton, and we want to get you there smoothly. Our outstanding commitment to customer service and quality can put you at ease during a stressful time. We know the area, and we understand how to cope with any challenges that may arise during a corporate move, such as coordination and finding the right parking spaces and access to the new building.

In fact, we relish meeting those challenges and helping you move forward. Contact us today for a quote on your commercial move.


Long-distance moving has unique challenges, especially if you have a family or business. The process can be daunting when you need to consider everything that needs to be packed and how far you must travel. Compared to moving locally, your long-distance move will require more time and consideration.

At Transtar Moving, our main priority is ensuring your belongings are properly packed and arrive safely at your new home. As experienced cross-country movers, we know how to address all long-distance difficulties well in advance and have the expertise to handle anything that may come your way. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, making you feel confident and in control.


marlton nj movers

When you need movers in Marlton, NJ, Transtar Moving Systems is your best option. What separates us from other moving companies in Marlton, NJ? For one thing, we are a full-service moving company. We can manage all your moving needs. We’ll help you pack, load and deliver your belongings. We also offer secure short-term storage before delivery. We handle all types of moves, tailored to specific requirements. We’ve managed moves for families, office relocations and single corporate transfers. We have also been the mover of choice for pro sports teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, National Football Conference champions.

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The Best Value Among Moving Companies in Marlton, NJ

We know moving is stressful. Many people worry about moving expenses. That’s why we are happy to offer a free, accurate, in-home estimate of what you can expect your move to cost. This estimate comes with no obligation — it’s our way of letting you know how our quality moving services will fit into your budget, so you can concentrate on other aspects of moving. If you need affordable yet reliable movers in Marlton, NJ, you can trust Transtar Moving Systems.

Packing and Storage for a Temporary Move

Moving can have some unforeseen complications, such as conflicting or misaligned schedules that may require a temporary move. If you’ve already sold your old house but are still waiting for the new property to be ready, we will help take care of your possessions during that phase.

Our movers in Marlton, NJ, will pack all the items you approve for storage, inventory them and load them directly into vaults when putting them in our trucks. We will store the vaults at our warehouses, where they will wait to be delivered to your new home as soon as you give us the go-ahead. Our team offers short- and long-term storage, enabling you to choose an option that best suits your situation. 

Trust Transtar Moving Systems for Your Move to or From Marlton, NJ

Besides value, one of the most important things to look for in a moving company is trustworthiness. As a local, family-based business, serving the Delaware Valley for over 50 years, you can be confident we’ll take good care of you and your belongings. We only have fully trained, qualified, courteous and professional movers on our staff. We have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with plenty of satisfied clients to testify to our customer care.

You can be sure all your belongings will get where they need to go safely and without property damage. We promise to resolve any damage claims as fast as possible, even if that means repainting a wall or buffing a floor. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


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