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Voorhees, NJ

Moving services in Voorhees, NJ

Moving Services in Voorhees, NJ

If you’re considering living in Voorhees, NJ, moving from there to somewhere new or relocating your business to or from the area, Transtar Moving Systems can help. We’re the most qualified, professional long-distance moving company in Voorhees, NJ. We take care of everything so your move is a smooth, comfortable transition.

Whether you’re moving to or from Voorhees, consider our services. We are the clear choice when it comes to professional moving companies in Voorhees, NJ. We have decades of experience and put unmatched care into every move. Feel free to ask around — or check out our testimonials. We’re confident those who know will tell you Transtar Moving Systems are the only movers in Voorhees, NJ, worth consideration. We’ll make your life much easier by reducing the stress of moving. Learn more about our comprehensive moving services below.

We’ve assembled this comprehensive Voorhees, NJ, moving guide to help you learn more about the area and what makes it an excellent place to live.

Where Is Voorhees, NJ?

Voorhees Township is located in Camden County, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Voorhees is less than 20 miles from the City of Brotherly Love and is easily accessible via I-295 and I-676. This location makes the area an attractive place to live for people who work in Philadelphia because they can enjoy everything the city offers without establishing a residence there. 

Things to Do in Voorhees

Voorhees has much to offer to its residents. Stay in shape at The Gravity Vault, an indoor rock gym featuring 17,000 square feet of terrain and 40-foot rope stations to climb. There’s also a large bouldering area and a retail shop to visit. You can visit the Voorhees Town Center, a well-known regional shopping mall and special events venue. 

Other Interesting Voorhees Facts

One of the most attractive things about living in Voorhees is that it’s a relatively small city with a short commute to a major metropolitan area. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, the population was approximately 31,025 as of July 1, 2022. The Bureau also indicates that the median value of owner-occupied housing units from 2017 to 2021 was $341,700. The median household income in 2021 dollars was $102,606, and the per capita income was $59,529. 

What Is the Weather Like in Voorhees?

Like the rest of the South Jersey region, Voorhees has a humid continental and subtropical transition climate. While summer is typically hot and humid, winter is cold and often snowy. The snowy period can last from late November through the beginning of April. The average annual precipitation amount is 48.3 inches.

Transtar Moving Services in Voorhees, NJ

No other local moving companies in Voorhees, NJ, can offer the kind of knowledge we have at Transtar — knowledge developed through thousands of moves over countless years of service in South Jersey and the Philadelphia region. We’re full-service movers — we can do it all, from start to finish. We’ll wrap and pack your valuable items for you, supplying the packing materials.

We have a fleet of well-maintained, large trucks at your service to safely transport your possessions, no matter how major a move you need to make. We pack for you, load the trucks, unload the trucks and unpack, taking all the cartons with us. We make moving easy for you!

We’ll also take care of your storage needs. If you have any possessions that need to stay safe in storage for a while, let us know. We’ll arrange to keep your items in our secure, temperature-controlled facility. They’ll remain there until you notify us otherwise. You’re completely in control.

Office Movers in Voorhees, NJ

Businesses need to relocate offices for many reasons. Whether you’re changing offices due to growing pains, expansion, a change of scenery or any other reason, you’ll need help moving your furniture, supplies and equipment. We’ll be happy to handle this for you so you can get back to regular operations with minimal disruptions. We offer full-service office relocation in Voorhees, NJ.

If you’re looking for commercial movers in Voorhees, NJ, look no further than Transtar. We know moving business locations can cause interruptions and stress in your operations, but we have the knowledge and tools to make the transition as easy as possible for your staff and clients. At Transtar, we’ve created an entire commercial moving plan to help your company have the best move. The plan involves:

  1. Meeting with your Moving Consultant: With an assigned Moving Consultant, your company can set a moving plan and agenda. This step involves inventorying all furniture and equipment and setting a realistic schedule for the move.
  2. Tagging and marking: A Moving Consultant will develop a color-coded system to identify where your items go in the new location. You will also have “do not move” tags to place on anything you don’t plan to bring with you. This step ensures everyone is on the same page and your items end up where you want them to.
  3. Preparing and packing: Transtar can provide professional packing services if you need assistance. We’re specially trained to package fragile and valuable items safely, giving you peace of mind for even the delicate items in your office.
  4. Moving: The final step is the actual move. Transtar will unpack everything we packed for you, and as an added help, we’ll collect all the cartons from the premises so you have one less thing to worry about.

As the best office moving company in Voorhees, NJ, we’re fully prepared to tackle whatever unique moving needs your company may have. We’ve helped move valuable technology and delicate furniture for our vast array of clients. We even provide storage services in our state-of-the-art facility for anything you’d like to save or move at a later date.

Make Transtar Moving Systems Your One-Stop Voorhees, NJ Movers

We offer much more than residential moving services. We can move practically anything — we’ve built a reputation as the best moving company near Voorhees, NJ. We provide moving services for all the following categories.

Sports Teams and Equipment

In addition to our residential moving services, we move sports teams and equipment. Our past clients include the Philadelphia Eagles and the Rutgers University football team, whose teams and equipment we’ve transported. If you need to move a sports team, we can help. We understand the value of professional sports equipment, and we always handle these items with care and consideration.

Employee Relocation Assistance

Employee relocation has many associated costs — if you need to relocate team members, you’ll need to prepare for employee relocation assistance. We understand corporate, lump-sum moves. We’ll work within your bounds and help you move your employees.

Antique Furniture and Pianos

Do you have an extremely valuable set of antique furniture you don’t want in the hands of inexperienced movers? Is there a large grand piano in your home you need to move? Transtar has extensive experience and training in moving oversized, antique items, so you can rest assured your valuables are in the most capable hands.

Other Moving Scenarios

If you have a unique moving request, feel free to reach out. We can assist with almost any moving scenario. Tell us what your moving needs are, and we’ll show you what we can do. We’ll provide a thorough and free moving estimate.

Moving Quality Guarantees With Transtar Moving Systems

At Transtar Moving Systems, we take great pride in having the most highly trained, careful, skilled movers around. We back up that pride with a promise that our staff will not damage any of your property during your move. If they do, we’ll make it right in whatever ways we can, buffing out your floor or painting your walls included.

Get in Touch With Transtar for Your Voorhees, NJ, Move Today!

If you’re looking for professional movers in Voorhees, NJ, you need not look any further. Join us in making your Voorhees move as easy as can be. If you’re new to living in Voorhees, NJ, we can point out some of the local attractions and eateries for you, like the Nimit Palace, where you’ll find the finest Indian food for miles around, or the authentic Greek cuisine of the Black Olive.

And if your business is ready to relocate, place your trust in Transtar as the premier business moving company in Voorhees, NJ. If you’re upgrading your space or downsizing, Transtar’s moving professionals will ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re looking to move the place you call home or your business to or from Voorhees, NJ, we can help. We serve families, sports teams, offices and employees, meeting each unique moving need. We’re ready to get started as soon as you are. 

Learn more about what separates us from other Voorhees moving companies. Give us a call at 855-720-7833 or contact us online for your free estimate today.

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