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Professional Office Movers in South Jersey

Are you moving to a new office in South Jersey? Whether you’re moving from Moorestown, NJ, to Cherry Hill, NJ, from Mt. Laurel to Marlton, or from elsewhere in South Jersey or out-of-state entirely, you need the best business moving services South Jersey has to offer.

That means you want the best local commercial moving company in the area — look no further than award-winning Transtar Moving Systems. We have the experience, equipment and knowledge to help you and your staff make a smooth transition to your new office, wherever it may be.

Our premier commercial moving company in South Jersey is fully licensed and insured, with a huge fleet of fully equipped and clean moving trucks, quality packing materials, specially trained and certified personnel and modern storage facilities. Whatever your office moving needs are, we can satisfy them.

Reach out to us today at 856-727-1060 or submit a form online to request a free quote for your upcoming business move.

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South Jersey Office Movers

Studies show that most Americans consider moving to be one of the most stressful events in their life, but there’s good news — with a qualified company providing the proper support and organized moving approach, it doesn’t need to be!

We can help you efficiently and safely move:

  • Technology: Our custom poly sleeves protect your computers, keyboards, monitors, printers and other tech during the move.
  • Specialized equipment: Our industrial movers in Philadelphia and NJ have years of experience moving medical equipmentsports equipment, musical instruments, machines, tools and other specialized industry resources.
  • Office furniture: Some movers in South Jersey cannot move office-level furniture quantities or large furniture. Transtar Moving Systems has the equipment and training to safely pack and transport desks, chairs, tables, bookshelves, cabinets, storage systems, oversized furniture and antiques.
  • Offices: Our library carts are designed with office moves in mind — employees can pack and access books, files, folders and personal belongings right up until moving day.

New Jersey Commercial Business Moving

In business, the only thing that stays the same is change. Every year, local companies adapt, grow, shift and change locations to better reach their intended market and house their hardworking staff.

Your company may have grown in operation, requiring a much larger space to house specialized equipment. Or maybe your organization’s services and clientele have expanded, so you’ve hired several new employees — and you realize you’ve run out of office space.

With one in four Americans working remotely in 2021, you may be one of the thousands of businesses that experienced an 87% increase in remote work from previous years. Perhaps you’ve restructured your at-home versus in-the-office work approach this year, and now you’re looking to downsize the scale of your brick-and-mortar presence or move to a smaller, more targeted location.

Whatever your reason for moving, you recognize that uprooting your business and employees is a different beast than a standard residential move. You deserve movers who can handle the complexities and offer commercial moving solutions that suit your needs. From small businesses to large industrial operations, Transtar Moving Systems can move your business with the least amount of stress, disruption and time to ensure you can get back to what you love — serving your customers and completing your business goals.


Effortless Employee Relocations

Not all moves are permanent or company-wide, and we can handle those temporary or individual moves, too. Our moving experts can help you relocate a valued employee to another department, branch or building.

For short-term or permanent corporate relocations, our affordable moving company can move your employee’s office. For regional or out-of-state relocations, keep morale high and lighten the burden of your worker’s transition by hiring professionals to move them to their new residence.

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The Life of a Commercial Move


Stage 1.
Developing the Move Plan
The first step in any move is to develop a plan. Your assigned Moving Consultant will meet with you to review the details of your move to assure its success utilizing analysis and research. This plan includes the following to ensure everything is prepared for moving day: A detailed inventory of all furniture and equipment, a schedule for your move, and any services to be provided.


Stage 2.
Tagging and Marking
Next, the Moving Consultant will develop a color-coding system that identifies every to-be-moved item and its exact position in the new location. Moving personnel will place coding tags on containers while they are packed. In addition, we supply you with “Do Not Move” tags to identify any furniture or equipment you wish left behind.


Stage 3.
Packing and Preparation
If you have items that require special care, let us know. We can provide professional packers with the experience and technical know-how to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our experience has been that many companies elect to pack the most nonbreakable items and supply areas, leaving the more delicate and valuable items to be packed by us.


Stage 4.
The Actual Move
The schedule developed in the move plan now comes into play. Our movers will unpack everything packed and moved by Transtar Moving Systems unless you prefer to do it yourself. We place cartons packed by your personnel next to the appropriate furniture. As soon as unpacking is complete, we conveniently remove all cartons from the premises, leaving you with one less thing for your move-in to-do list.


Commercial Movers in South Jersey & Philly

If you are planning a local or out-of-state office or industrial move, choose an experienced team to seamlessly plan, manage and execute all aspects of the transition.

Our team of expert movers provides:

  • Management of all of your office and industrial moving needs
  • Licensed and insured movers for your peace of mind
  • A large fleet of clean and fully equipped moving trucks
  • State-of-the-art equipment and warehouses
  • Certified, trained and professional full-time moving service personnel
  • Module furniture specialists
  • Safe and secure equipment and file storage
  • Top-notch logistics and distribution services
  • Specialized freight handling
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Storage Services

Another benefit of hiring Transtar Moving Systems as your professional NJ office movers is that we provide our own storage services. That means that if some of your old office equipment or furniture is to be sold or is not ready to come to the new facility yet, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to put it. We can store it for you and bring it to you when you’re ready.





Crates & Library Carts

We can utilize New Haven’s patented E-CRATE® systems to make your next move a green one. There is no need for cardboard waste. Reuse the New Haven E-CRATE® systems for every move. New Haven’s E-CRATEs® meet HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents, computers, monitors and printers. New Haven’s E-CRATE® systems are available for rental. Local rental rates and delivery charges apply.

Transtar’s two-sided library cart has eight sturdy shelves. Designed to move large quantities of books, folders and boxes efficiently, our library carts are ideal for moving medical records and legal documents, providing a full 32 linear feet or 64 square feet of useable space.


Choose Transtar For Your Office & Employee Relocation Needs

You can count on our award-winning service, professionalism and specialized training to make your commercial move a success. Call us at 856-727-1060 or submit a form for a free quote today!