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Yardley, PA


Where is Yardley, PA Located?

Yardley, PA, is located in Bucks County, not far from Philadelphia. This suburb sits on the beautiful Delaware River, and it has played an important role in Pennsylvania history through the centuries. Yardley had one of the nation’s first ferry lines, helping people cross the river for greater convenience. Many of the homes from the 18th and 19th centuries have been preserved in the area, giving Yardley a historic feel that puts it on par with Philadelphia.

What do you want to know before moving to Yardley, PA? This calm and welcoming community makes an excellent spot to raise a family or retire within a 55+ community. Learn more about Yardley from this guide.

Why Consider Moving to Yardley, PA?

Yardley provides an excellent balance between urban and suburban life. You can access activities happening in Philadelphia with ease, but Yardley itself has just as much to offer. When you move to the area, you’ll discover its many fun and interesting facets, such as a toy train collectors association and locations that served as stops along the Underground Railroad. You can also get an excellent education for your children at Yardley’s standout school systems.

Location Benefits of Yardley, PA

One of the most common questions about the area is, “How far is Yardley from Philadelphia?” It is only a 40-minute drive south from Yardley to Philadelphia. It’s far enough away that you don’t have to deal with traffic overflow into the city, but it’s close enough to Philly that you can still catch an Eagles or Flyers game and get home before dark. Many people choose to work in the city and commute from Yardley to enjoy the smaller-town atmosphere. You can use the West Trenton regional line for train travel between Philly and Yardley.

Demographics of Yardley, PA

Yardley is a middle-class community where people experience low levels of poverty. Median household income has grown in recent years, rising to $82,235. That’s slightly ahead of the Pennsylvania median and the national median. The majority of workers in the city commute to their jobs, with an average commute time of 29 minutes.

The area is largely white, at 87 percent, with about four percent black and four percent Asian American residents. More than two-thirds of residents own their own homes. The biggest employers include educational services and several other professional locations.

Lifestyles in Yardley, PA

You can see the history of the community in the architecture in Yardley. The Greek Revival and Gothic styles eventually gave way to Craftsman-style bungalows in the 20th century. Architecture buffs will enjoy traipsing the city to see history reflected in everyday spaces such as the library and city hall.

People in Yardley live active lifestyles. They enjoy doing things such as picking crops at Shady Brook Farms, a working farm that hosts many events throughout the year. The Delaware River offers activities such as tubing, canoeing and kayaking, and you can find a number of rental facilities in the area.

Life in Yardley, PA

Here’s a snapshot of some other important aspects of local life for those considering moving to Yardley, PA:

  • Weather: Like most of Pennsylvania, Yardley has a distinct spring, summer, fall and winter, but temperatures generally don’t get too hot or cold. The highs in the summer peak around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while lows drop down to 26 degrees in the winter. The area averages about 3.6 inches of rainfall per month during the April to September rainy season. Snow generally falls between late November and early April, though total accumulation stays low.
  • Homes for sale: Yardley homes vary from those Craftsman bungalows to new and modern ones that cost upwards of $800K. The growing number of retirement communities for 55+ offers an affordable alternative in the area.
  • Average cost of homes: In Yardley, PA, you can find homes for an average of just over $338,000. Many realtors expect home values to rise in the near future, making this a good time to get into the market.
  • Schools: Pennsbury School District has an excellent reputation. Teachers offer hands-on assistance, and children soak up knowledge quickly under the system.

Entertainment: Things to Do When You Live in Yardley, PA

The cost of living in Yardley, PA, is higher than the national average as well as the average for Pennsylvania. The higher housing prices contribute to much of that cost, though transportation and healthcare costs can also run higher than in other areas.

You can find incredible opportunities for entertainment in Yardley. While you can go down to Philadelphia to enjoy cultural highlights such as art museums and plays, you can also find plenty to do more locally. Different neighborhoods in Yardley boast different specialties in terms of ethnic cuisine, but a few must-try restaurants include:

Love to shop? You can enjoy a variety of locally owned mom-and-pop stores, such as Ye Olde Yardley Florist and Cunningham’s Hardware. The friendly vibe of this small city ensures you’ll get to know the shop owners quickly.

Work With the Best Team for Your Move to or From Yardley, PA

Moving and Storage Yardley PA 

Retiring in Yardley is a fantastic decision that you’ll enjoy for years to come. You may also decide to move here or to nearby suburbs in South Jersey, to enjoy the many benefits of living near Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore while also maintaining the suburban living you enjoy. Whether you’ll be raising a family in Yardley or checking into a 55+ community, you’ll find it a friendly, enjoyable place where you’ll want to stay for years.

Moving and Storage Yardley PA 

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