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Mt. Laurel, NJ

Mt. Laurel Moving Guide and Services

With humble beginnings as a farming community, Mt. Laurel, NJ, gets its name from a nearby hill covered in laurel trees. By the late 1900s, however, Mt. Laurel grew to be a thriving Philadelphia suburb. Today, it’s earned a reputation for small-town charm with large-city attractions. If you’re thinking about moving, this guide will help you envision your new life in Mt. Laurel township.


With an affordable cost of living and plenty of activities, Mt. Laurel is an ideal place to settle. Its suburban nature has made it the perfect place for families. It also offers several retirement facilities for older adults. Overall, Mt. Laurel is a great place to live and raise children. Here are some other perks to consider for living in Mt. Laurel:

  • Typical weather: The weather in Mt. Laurel, NJ, is characteristic of the region. Summer temperatures tend to be above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and winter temperatures are around 50 degrees or below. It rains year-round, and the highest monthly average is often in July at about 3.8 inches. The average snowfall is 0.1 inches, but can get up to 0.6 inches at the end of January.
  • Average home cost: The median home value for Mt. Laurel is over $250,000, which is above the national average.
  • Homes for sale: Most homes are single-family units, though there are a moderate number of townhouses and condominiums. Many homes have a “Brady Bunch” look, built between 1970 and 1999. There are also retirement communities, nursing homes and assisted living centers in Mt. Laurel.
  • School districts: Mt. Laurel has highly ranked public schools, child care centers and private schools. It’s also home to Rowan College at Burlington County, a public college with dozens of workforce training and professional development programs, offering associate and bachelor’s degrees.

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You know the adage about real estate — location, location, location! You’ll find Mt. Laurel is in an ideal spot, situated at the intersection of two state highway routes, 10 major county roads, two interstate highways and the New Jersey Turnpike. Travel routes between New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., pass through Mt. Laurel.

The suburb has 30 hotels and is ranked second-place for most hotels in New Jersey. Its location has afforded Mt. Laurel the nickname “Hotel Row.” As a traveling hotspot, Mt. Laurel has become a large business community. You’ll also note many medical practices, hospital systems and surgical centers concentrated here.

Things to Do in Mt. Laurel, NJ


You’ll find plenty of things to do in Mt. Laurel, including dining, shopping, learning about history and engaging with the outdoors. The area also offers tons of family-friendly and kid-focused activities. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Mt. Laurel, NJ:

1. Casual Dining

Mt. Laurel has many dining options. You can enjoy a juicy burger and crisp French fries in the club at Top Golf and play a few rounds in their climate-controlled bays for dessert. Another great option for casual dining is Miller’s Ale House, a restaurant and local sports bar where you can grab a bite to eat while you watch the big game. Or, you can savor authentic Italian dishes at Cucina Carini Italian Restaurant, known for its delicious, homemade sauces. No matter your preferences, you can find a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Mt. Laurel.

2. Shopping Centers

Mt. Laurel’s convenient shopping centers are perfect for picking up something you need or spending a day window shopping. The Centerton Square shopping center is an excellent place to get a unique gift or browse your favorite stores. Their 17 storefronts and million square feet of space attract shoppers from out of town, too.

You could also shop at the Larchmont Commons shopping center, where you’ll find an excellent variety of eateries and retail stores, including ALDI and Burger King. This neighborhood center has Planet Fitness, as well, if you want to join a local gym. 

3. Outdoor Activities

Mt. Laurel also has a vast parks-and-recreation system that has doubled since 1997. The most popular park is Laurel Acres Park, which features sports fields, playgrounds, nature trails, a lake for fishing, a hill for winter sledding and a war memorial.

The Laurel Acres Park hosts the annual Mount Laurel Fall Festival, providing family fun year after year. Mt. Laurel’s community garden also provides a place to grow vegetables, fruit and other plants. The Mt. Laurel Green Team makes community garden improvements and distributes a newsletter.

In addition, Mt. Laurel has a country club that is one of the best places to play golf in the area. Ramblewood Country Club features 27 holes of championship golf that are ideal for players of all skill levels. 

4. Family-Friendly Activities

Mt. Laurel offers plenty of exciting opportunities for kids. Your children can participate in the Mount Laurel Baseball League and Mount Laurel United Soccer Association. Another activity kids can enjoy is the Funplex. This popular entertainment center has laser tag, go-karts, bowling, an arcade, bumper cars, mini-golf, a roller coaster and an outdoor waterpark. 

If your children like animals, they’ll also enjoy PAWS Farm, where they can see over 80 kinds of animals.

The town is also home to dozens of organizations and nonprofits, including Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, the Special Olympics and the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. You’ll find plenty of enriching opportunities for children and adults alike in Mt. Laurel. Parents might join the MOMS Club, the Rotary Club or volunteer with the local food bank.

5. Historical Sites

Mt. Laurel is also home to historically significant sites, offering a valuable perspective of American history. The area’s first inhabitants were Native Americans, then European Quakers fleeing religious prosecution. Quakers built the Friends Meeting House on what they called “Mount Pray.” It remains one of the oldest meeting houses still in use today, while other remnants of early settlements have vanished. During the Revolutionary War, both American and British troops camped in Mt. Laurel on their way to battle sites.

Mt. Laurel is also home to Alice Paul’s birthsite. Paul was a famous suffragette and champion of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her childhood home, Paulsdale, is a national historic landmark and hosts the Alice Paul Institute. Another significant site is Jacob’s Chapel. Established in 1859, it served as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, you can visit the chapel and its adjacent cemetery, the burial site for many African American Civil War soldiers.


It’s essential to consider the demographic factors of an area before moving to a new location. Here are some basic demographics in the Mt. Laurel area:

  • Population: In 2023, the population of Mt. Laurel was 44,473.
  • Median household income: The median household income was $103,399, which is well above the national average. Only 3.8% of individuals fall below the poverty level.
  • Job opportunities: Because of the medical facilities in Mt. Laurel, there are many health care industry job opportunities. Other top industries include education, science and technology. For those who travel outside Mt. Laurel for work, the average commute time is 27.2 minutes.
  • Diversity: The latest census reports that the population of Mt. Laurel is 68% White, 11% Black or African American, 9% Asian and 6% Hispanic or Latino.


The community in Mt. Laurel is an ideal place to call home. Its extensive parks system and recreational facilities provide many activities for children. The large shopping centers and delectable dining options ensure there will always be plenty for adults to enjoy, as well. Its position near major roadways also makes it easy to travel to nearby cities for work and entertainment. Moving to Mt. Laurel could be an excellent choice for your family.

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Surrounded by several highways and the NJ Turnpike, so suppliers and delivery trucks have easy access to your facilities.


The Mt. Laurel area offers great potential for businesses that want to relocate their office. Thousands of students graduate from the local college every year, providing a pool of freshly educated professionals ready to work for your company, and the area is filled with hotels that attract tourists and potential customers year-round. Mt. Laurel has become a thriving business community for a reason.

Located right next to Philadelphia, and within driving distance of New York City, Mt. Laurel is a business hub. The township is surrounded by several major highways and the New Jersey Turnpike, so suppliers and delivery trucks have easy access to your facilities. The roadways create a short commute, which is convenient for getting home after long nights at the office.

There’s plenty of room for growth in Mt. Laurel. You can rent from a recently developed commercial office or build your own. If you decide to make the move, you can depend on Transtar commercial movers in Mt. Laurel, NJ for a swift and easy transition.


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The work begins in your existing office, developing a moving plan and making sure that everyone is on the same page. If you oversee a large staff, Transtar can present a customized training presentation to prepare your employees for moving day. We’ll provide all the supplies and equipment necessary for an organized and efficient move, from boxes and stretch wrap to dollies and trailers.

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