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Long-Distance Movers in South Jersey

A long-distance move can be an exciting, but extremely stressful, operation. You want to look for the best long-distance moving companies you can possibly find in South New Jersey.

Planning a Long-Distance Move?

A long-distance move is any move that is more than 60 miles from your current location. That’s why if you’re moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania — from cities in South Jersey such as Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Moorestown or Marlton — consider Transtar Moving Systems. After all, you want a moving company that has proven expertise as state-to-state movers.

With so many long-distance moving companies in South Jersey and Philadelphia to choose from, we are confident that Transtar’s team of experienced long-distance movers in NJ will give you the resources you need to have success on your journey.

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long distance moving companies nj to pa

Moving from South Jersey & Philly

Generally, people move to South Jersey and Philadelphia due to the cost of living, the food, and the area’s historical culture. However, studies show that 60,000 people move out of the city of Philadelphia each year. Migrants from the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding area typically leave to pursue different job opportunities in other parts of the country.

Cross-country residential moving from or to South Jersey doesn’t have to be intimidating. Let the Transtar team walk you through your relocation process and provide advice from our experience as professional long-distance movers.


Planning for Your Long Distance Move

We recommend planning two months to six weeks in advance, depending on the distance of your move.

Clearly communicate with your moving company about what is fragile and where everything needs to go. With your guidance and instructions, we will provide the best care for your valuables and your family. Transtar will also help you map out a timeline so you can plan your move with ease and efficiency.

Working with a professional company will save you time and energy that you can spend elsewhere. Trust the furniture movers at Transtar for long-distance moves to and from South Jersey and Philadelphia. We know everything about the proper shipping and transportation of furniture.

Along with the little details that make up your long-distance moving plan, Transtar is also knowledgeable about different routes across the country. We know which roads are safest for big moving vans like ours, so rather than trying to navigate through an unfamiliar area, you can focus on making it home while we guide you there.

Challenges of Long-Distance Moving in NJ

Much of long-distance moving requires careful planning and preparation. Transtar will help you navigate through any of the following challenges that could arise.

To combat disorganization during this intense and important stage of your life, plan and prepare as much as you can. There is no such thing as too much preparation.

Create a plan for what you need and expect from a moving company. Having extensive experience moving families and offices since 1962, Transtar knows how to transport your family or business without missing out on all the details. You won’t be surprised to discover that our previous customers have been impressed with our services.


Preventing Loss and Damage

Professional movers specializing in long-distance and cross-country moves will ensure your items are delivered safely to your new home or office. Transtar will provide the utmost care so your goods will not be damaged. We will also offer you valuation protection in case of any damage or loss along the way.

Long-distance moving also involves the challenge of transporting large appliances and furniture. Visit your new place of residence beforehand and get the proper measurements of your new living space or office, so that you can have confidence that your furniture will fit. If you can, contact the previous owner so they can help provide the measurements.

As well as shipping our valuables and moving furniture, those of us in the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area know about the difficulty of sitting in traffic. Most long-distance movers tend to book their moving trips on the weekends or at the end of the month when traffic is the heaviest. Choose instead to move in the middle of the week or the middle of the month, when moving rates will most likely be cheaper.


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Process for Long-Distance Moves From New Jersey

We will get you started right away with the tools you need to get you to your desired destination. Before you sign up for our services, we offer you a free quote. The first step to creating an accurate quote for you is asking for information related to your long-distance move, such as the desired move-in date and the destination of your new home. We will also ask you questions about the size of your current and future residences, as well as how many items you will bring with you.

After our initial conversation, we will have one of our professional movers come to your home and provide an in-home estimate for your moving needs. This helps us to have an adequate idea of how much work we will need to do and what it will cost. Following the assessment, we will provide you with your free quote.

Tips for Moving Across the Country

Cross-state moving is more intense than your average long-distance move because it requires bringing all your items from one part of the country to somewhere else entirely. It is a complex and often challenging task that can be overwhelming without the right preparation. Make your cross-country move easier with these tips:

  • Hire a full-service moving company.
  • Create a comprehensive budget.
  • Select your moving date.
  • Create a plan for packing your belongings.
  • Arrange travel or lodging accommodations.

Preparing for Your Move

You should keep important documents and other essentials with you when moving across the country to prevent them from becoming damaged or lost. Ensure you have thoroughly researched and — if possible — visited the area you plan to move to so you know it will be the right fit for you.

Research moving companies to find reliable cross-country providers who will safely get your items to your new home. You should request a quote and read reviews to ensure you can trust these individuals with your belongings.

Once you’ve chosen your movers and are in the process, you need to stay in touch with them. Phone calls or text messages are excellent ways to keep tabs on your items and their estimated arrival date. Keep track of all communications to use if you notice something has gone awry throughout the process.

Settling In

If you follow these steps, your belongings and furniture should arrive at your new home efficiently. To make the process even more effective, choose a moving company that is willing to help you assemble and set up your furniture. 

This feature can save time when trying to get settled into your new home. Your items will be in your house and ready for you to get going right away. Make your cross-country move easy with reputable movers. You can trust our long-distance movers to help you get the job done.

Our Process

If you choose to approve our quote, we will solidify our plans to pack, store, transport and unpack your valuables. We offer a wide selection of relocation services that will accommodate your long-distance moving needs.

Do not let hidden fees or forgotten costs get in the way of the success of your long-distance move. Transtar promises honest, transparent estimates for our customers. Each package that Transtar offers will provide you with unique services that fit your family’s needs.

When they prepare well, long-distance movers in Philadelphia and South New Jersey know the cost as well as the process of moving cross-country or interstate. Before even starting the process, prepare a rough estimate of what it will cost to move your family or office across the country. Generally, the weight of your belongings, the distance, and shipping and handling all affect how much you pay.

Most companies will charge based on the total weight of all the items you are bringing with you on your journey. Also, most companies offer valuation protection and other add-ons for your items. Consider what is best for your needs and consider getting protection.

The moving day and date may also affect what you pay, as most companies tend to charge more to move on the weekend or at the end of the month. Plan your move so that you can save money and avoid traffic and other unpleasant occasions. After preparing a rough plan of when and where you want to move, contact Transtar.


Relocation Services in NJ

Transtar guarantees assistance for long-distance moving from start to finish. Here are the services we offer to help you relocate cross-country or to another state.


Packing, Crating, Unpacking and Uncrating in NJ

Transtar keeps up with the competitive industry of moving. You do not need the burden of packing and moving your items to add to the emotional stress of leaving your old life behind. Let the professionals at Transtar move, and spend your last few days with friends and family.

We will alleviate the stress of packing and the cost that normally accrues from packing material. Packing material typically costs one-quarter of your living expenses. When Transtar provides you with packing material and packing services, you will save time and money. To ease the process of packing, also Transtar provides packing tips with specific information on how to pack each of your valuables.

Transtar Moving Systems is among the best long-distance residential moving companies in South Jersey. Our professionals are adept at moving long-distance and even internationally. They will walk with you from start to finish. In addition to residential moving, we also provide long-distance corporate relocation packages.

Along with residential items, we will also move corporate items. If your office is planning on relocating, we have the tools and skills necessary to make your move a success. We follow a step-by-step process that removes the complications involved in moving multiple people and offices.

Transtar’s experienced long-distance corporate relocation movers for South Jersey will begin by helping you create a well-thought-out plan that includes all the details most people tend to look over. Then, we will walk through your office and tag and mark where all the items will be located in your new office. We have developed a color-coding system that will help you figure out where everything goes in your new office, as well as “Do Not Move” tags for those items you do not need to bring with you.

After all of your furniture and office valuables are tagged, we will then strategically pack up your office, communicating with you about your company’s specific needs. Finally, we will ensure your items are moved with the utmost care and efficiency. We use special equipment, such as crates and library carts, to carefully and efficiently transport your items.

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FAQs for Interstate Moving

Interstate Moving Companies NJ and PA Questions

Unlike an in-town move, when you’re moving out of state, your up-front estimate will be determined by the weight of your belongings, as well as the mileage between your old location and the new one. No two estimates are the same because no two homes or businesses have the same needs.

Any moving company can give you a quote over the phone, but the only way to get an accurate estimate upfront is to schedule an in-home estimate. This means that a company representative comes to your home and looks at how much you have to move. Once the representative sees your belongings, they can provide an accurate — and binding — estimate of the time and money it will cost to move your belongings.

Don’t skip this step! It may seem like a pain to add another appointment into your already busy schedule, but it’s essential if you want to stick to a budget and avoid surprises and additional fees you weren’t planning on. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) thinks in-home moving estimates are so critical that a mover has to base their estimate on an in-home evaluation of your belongings as long as you live with 50 miles of their location.

The safety of our employees and your belongings is our number one priority. Because of this, there are some things that we won’t pack onto the truck:

  • Food
  • Plants
  • Scuba Gear, especially pressurized oxygen tanks
  • Personal items, including jewelry, medical records and other important documents
  • Nail polish
  • Hazardous materials, including propane tanks, fertilizer and paint

If you still have questions about what we will and won’t pack, give us a call and one of our experienced sales representatives can assist you!

Special services for transporting motorcycles or automobiles are available through Transtar. However, we do not move above-ground pools or sheds. If you have these items to move, we are happy to recommend options to you.

Once you choose Transtar for your interstate move, our experienced sales representatives will walk you through signing the contract and any other paperwork that might be involved. You’ll also want to check with your employer for additional documents if they will be reimbursing your moving expenses. While we cannot work directly with your employer, we are happy to provide you with documentation of your move. We are also a government- and military-approved moving service provider, so we’re very familiar with what you’ll need to complete the process and receive your reimbursement in a timely manner.

Even when everything is done right, something may get scratched or broken along the way. If you have to submit a claim for a damaged item, our experienced representatives work to process those claims and make it right in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Yes, when you purchase your moving supplies from Transtar, our boxes and crates are designed to stand strong against bending or breaking during extended periods of time. Plus, when you hire Transtar packers, you ensure that your boxes and belongings are packed in such a way that they’re unlikely to be broken or damaged during the move.

It’s important to hire a mover that is licensed and insured. While this isn’t the only indicator of their quality and service, it’s a good first step to protecting yourself and your belongings in case of a problem. Interstate moving companies are required to register with the U.S. DOT and are subject to their rules and regulations. The FMCSA requires interstate movers to offer their consumers two options to insure their belongings during their move, including full-value protection and released value protection.


Out-of-State Moving Companies

If you are moving only a short distance away, you might consider packing your own furniture and valuables. After all, they won’t be on the truck for a long time, and, depending on where you live, they may never even hit the highway. When moving to another state, you can expect your possessions to be in transit for a long time, and they’ll definitely log some miles on the highway. Therefore, securely packing each item to restrict its movement and protect it from impacts during transport is vital. No one wants to show up at their new home to discover broken lamps and scratched furniture!

For this reason, you will want an interstate mover with a team that is highly skilled in effective packing methods. They know how to pack your household securely, making sure that your belongings show up at your new home in the same condition they were when they were loaded on the truck. Rather than packing yourself, you can hire movers to come into your home and methodically pack your belongings, from dishes and books to clothing and furniture.

When you’re moving, there are a lot of things you need to do. You need to find a new place to live, set up utilities, finish up at your old job, prepare your family for the transition, forward your mail — so many things are on your plate. Why add packing to the list? When you hire interstate movers, you can focus on what’s important. Let someone else pack those boxes while you prepare your child for a new school. Let someone else load the truck while you write that last memo or clean out your desk at work. Let someone else drive your belongings to your new home while you say, “See you later,” to the friends and neighbors you’re leaving behind.

The way you pack your household goods will determine the condition they arrive in. It’s more than just wrapping dishes in bubble wrap or covering a couch in an old blanket. An interstate moving company knows how to pack boxes and stash furniture on the truck in a way that will protect your belongings from damage. Yes, you could ask a friend to come help pack boxes. And most of what they pack will probably make it to your new home intact. But why take the risk by doing it yourself? When you hire professional movers, you have more assurance that nothing will happen to that heirloom china from your grandmother or that glass-topped table you adore.

By the same token, you will probably want your out-of-state mover to provide the packing materials for your items. This way, you can be sure of the quality of the packing material and be confident it will protect your possessions as it is supposed to. Buying your own packing materials, especially discount materials, means you risk those materials failing to stand up to the rigors of transport and therefore not effectively protecting your things.

Picture this — a flimsy cardboard box gets placed on the bottom of a stack of boxes. By the time you arrive at your new home, the weight of the other boxes and their contents has completely broken the sides of that box — and damaged the contents inside. When you use our high-quality packing materials, you know your belongings will be safe in quality packing material.

Moving companies that have only moved people within the same city or state may not appreciate what is required to complete a lengthy move successfully. They may not be familiar with packing strategies or have the same high-quality packing materials used by our interstate moving company. Good interstate movers have staff with the training necessary to avoid the common pitfalls of a longer-distance move. They’re experienced in packing and transporting household goods without incident because they treat your belongings as they would their own. They have also had a lot of experience when it comes to moving. They know the pitfalls and the issues that may come up, and they know the solutions for things you may not have anticipated.

Many times, when someone is moving from one state to another, there are a few days or weeks in between their exit from one home and their move into another. Maybe they’re waiting to close on a new home or their lease in the old location ended before their new one began. Or, maybe they aren’t taking all their furniture with them and need somewhere to put it until they can sell it or give it away. The last thing anyone wants to do is search for a storage unit when they arrive in a new — and likely unfamiliar — place.

When you hire an interstate moving company with storage facilities, they can handle the logistics of storing items you are not ready to move yet. Then, when you’re ready to move those items to your new home or get rid of them altogether, they can help with that too. Just another one of those details a full-service moving company can take off of your already overloaded plate!

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to interstate moving companies. A company that has only done short-distance moves just does not know what to expect from a longer-distance move and may not know how to respond to unexpected challenges. The last thing you want is for a problem to come up and your moving company to look to you for advice.

You will have much more peace of mind if you go with a company that already has plenty of experience with long-distance moves under their belt.

Your go-to New Jersey to Pennsylvania moving company, Transtar Moving Systems is just the company you need for all of these concerns. Moving families since the 1960s, we have decades of experience perfecting our interstate moving skills. We feature full-service moving, from packing, wrapping and loading to transport and unloading, and we have storage facilities that are more than adequate to handle your extra things. We can easily store your items in our facility and deliver them to your home when you are ready.

Personal service is our primary goal each and every time. We recognize that moving is an emotional experience for you and your family. The last thing you need is to worry about whether or not your belongings will show up on time and in good condition. We want you to feel like your family is our family — and family takes care of each other, especially in hard or stressful times.

Your moving company should make transitioning to a new home easier, not harder! In addition to our promise to treat your family like our family, Transtar offers a quality guarantee. If something should be damaged in transit or if you are not happy with the service you were given, we promise that we will do everything in our power to make it right.

Transtar offers the following special services that keep us above the competition in the moving industry

Special Services Offered in Long-Distance Moves in NJ

Moving bulky items such as furniture can be a hassle. Transtar’s professionals will ensure that your furniture will be moved with the utmost care. To avoid complications, we encourage you to measure your furniture and your new living space before we start your long-distance move.

Transporting your car without the assistance of a professional will leave wear and tear on your car and will diminish its value. Transtar offers vehicle transportation services in South Jersey and Philadelphia. If you choose vehicle shipping from New Jersey or Philly, we assure you that your vehicle will arrive at your new living space without any damage.

In-transit storage is a unique feature that most moving companies do not have. We will provide you with the best in-transit storage so you do not have to worry about shipping your valuables. The professional team at Transtar follows an efficient storage process that keeps your valuables safe.

First, we bring a team to your home to assess what will need to be stored. Then, we load your items into the vaults on our trucks for safe and secure transportation. After that, the truck is emptied and your items are stored in our warehouse for safekeeping.

Finally, when you are ready to move, we will transfer the items to your home. This process is efficient because the same people will be storing and handling your valuables.

The Benefits of Using Transtar Moving Systems As Your Long-Distance Movers in NJ and Nationwide

One thing that separates Transtar Moving Systems from some other cross-country moving companies is that we are a full-service moving operation. We operate as both a moving and storage company for long-distance relocation. We will not only safely load and deliver your precious items to your new location, but we can also professionally pack your items and even offer short-term storage for your valuables while you get everything settled. These features can go a long way toward alleviating a lot of the stress of a long-distance move.

You may be able to find cheaper cross-country moving companies, but they won’t provide you with the security and peace of mind that Transtar Moving Systems will. We promise to get all your belongings and valuables from point A to point B safely and load and deliver them without damaging your property. On the rare occasion that there is some damage, we will make it right immediately, including repainting scratched portions of the wall or buffing out scuffing in floors.


When it Comes to Long-Distance Movers, You Want Reliability and Experience

Having the support of the nationwide Bekins Van Lines network will ensure that for you. If the National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles can trust us with their coaches, players and equipment, you can be sure you can, too. Our record of satisfied customers includes everyone from military personnel, corporate transfers and seniors to families like yours, and we treat each client with the same care and respect.

Transtar Moving Systems proudly offers services to homeowners and office managers looking to move to or from the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area. With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as an award-winning reputation, we trust that we will meet, if not exceed, your expectations for a moving company.

Transtar is perfectly suited to meet your long-distance moving needs. Here’s why:

  • The trucks, crew and service capabilities to organize and deliver a long-distance move.
  • A proven track record of moving corporate transferees, seniors, military personnel and families to all corners of the country.
  • The support of the nationwide Bekins Van Lines network ensures quality service, personal attention and a stress-free experience from departure to destination.
  • Special services for automobile and motorcycle transportation, in-transit storage (locally and throughout the country), and a full range of pre- and post-relocation services from packing, crating, unpacking and uncrating to the white-glove handling of antiques, fine furnishings, artwork and more.
  • Transtar’s combination of experience, service and competitive prices gives you an unmatched value on long-distance moves.
  • Special relocation programs for businesses to offer to their employees.
Long Distance Moving

Delivering Excellence One Home — or Office — at a Time

As a family-owned business, we know the value of putting the customer first. Since 1962, our philosophy has always been exceeding our customers’ expectations. You can trust Transtar Moving Systems as long-distance movers in Philadelphia for your cross-country move.


Competitive Rates for Interstate Moving in NJ, PA & Beyond

Our competitive low rates will help you stay within your budget and avoid unnecessary stress as you navigate your long-distance move. At Transtar, we are honest and upfront about their prices, so you can trust that they will provide accurate estimates from the very beginning. Transtar is willing and ready to answer all of your questions and guide you along the way.

If you’re ready for your long-distance move, Transtar Moving Systems is ready to talk to you today. We also offer special services for automobile or motorcycle transportation as needed. Be sure to ask about our other services, such as in-transit storage, packing, special handling and more.

When you work with Transtar Moving Systems for your next long-distance move, you’ll know you are in good hands right away.

Looking for New Jersey-based interstate movers? Need help moving from the Philly area to New Jersey and everywhere in between?

To get started, just submit a contact form with your basic information and needs now, and we’ll get in touch with you right away to talk about your requirements and generate a free quote for you on our services.

Our moving experts are ready to discuss how Transtar Moving Systems can provide your ideal moving solution.

Long Distance Moving

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