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Your guide to living in Washington township or Sewell, New Jersey

Relocating your life to a new area is a watershed moment. Packing boxes and learning to navigate a brand-new neighborhood brings up many emotions, but moving to a lovely community like Washington Township or Sewell, New Jersey, makes the transition one to look forward to.

Located in eastern New Jersey, Sewell and Washington Township are suburban communities near the Philadelphia metro area and have a lot to offer for new and potential residents. Both towns have educated workforces that primarily work white-collar jobs. These areas  in and around Sewell, New Jersey have grown in recent years with the addition of 55+ communities, a perfect option for those who are ready for retirement but want to maintain their active lifestyle.

If you’re planning a move to Sewell or Washington Township, New Jersey, this helpful guide will provide you with all the information on things to do, what the towns are like and the best movers in Washington Township, NJ. Check out everything you need to know about these towns and why they’re a great place to live.

Why Consider Moving to Sewell and Washington Township, New Jersey?

Residing in Sewell or Washington Township, New Jersey, offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of big-city life without moving there. Both communities are about 25 minutes outside Philadelphia, which lets residents experience the cultural and athletic activities this lively city provides, but are still far enough outside to escape the traffic, noise and other hassles of big-city living.

Washington Township and Sewell have numerous desirable qualities that appeal to new residents, like a lower-than-average crime rate and a great deal of stability. With highly rated schools, these suburban communities are excellent places to prepare children for their future.

Demographics of Sewell and Washington Township, NJ

Sewell is a wealthy community with a higher-than-average median household income of $101,706, which is well above the national median household income of $62,843. The community has low poverty rates, and health care, education and retail are the largest employers in the town of Sewell.

Washington Township shares a similar median household income with Sewell at $97,247. Both are well above the New Jersey median. More than half the residents are married, but the town is attracting a diverse population, with residents of all ages and family sizes.

Lifestyles in Sewell and Washington Township, NJ

Washington Township and Sewell, New Jersey, are both great communities for people looking to live an active lifestyle and enjoy the offerings of the outdoors. You can find places nearby to enjoy activities like canoeing, kayaking, swimming, surfing, water skiing and other ways to stay fit. In nearby Philadelphia, people enjoy exploring Boathouse Row on foot.

Sewell and Washington township at a glance

Sewell and Washington Township at a Glance

Catch a glimpse of what life looks like in the suburbs of Sewell and Washington Township. Washington Township, NJ, or Sewell, NJ, can provide a wonderful home for various future residents.

  • Weather: Sewell and Washington Township weather patterns match the rest of South Jersey, such as Mt. Laurel and Cherry Hill. Temperatures are warm in the summer, and there’s a good deal of humidity. It gets cold in the winter, though there’s less snow than you’d find in New York and New England. This weather makes these two cities ideal places for retirees who don’t want to deal with as much snow.
  • Homes for sale: Washington Township and Sewell offer a beautiful selection of homes, ranging from elegant 55+ communities to large, single-family houses.55 and over communities in Washington Township offer fantastic active living style options to all you to enjoy your new life in Washington Township.
  • Average cost of homes: In Sewell and Washington Township, NJ, housing values match the rest of the state fairly closely, though you can find more expensive houses too. The median listing price of homes in Sewell is $317,000, and is $562,000 in Washington Township.
  • Schools: Washington Township and Sewell have excellent schools. They rank at the top of the Gloucester County list, with teachers known for taking a personal interest in their kids’ welfare, health and safety.

Things to Do When You Live in Sewell and Washington Township, New Jersey

The cost of living in Sewell and Washington Township is slightly higher than the national average, but it’s lower than the overall cost of living in New Jersey. Even with retirement community costs in Sewell and Washington, you can still find reasonably priced entertainment options and activities to enjoy as a resident.

Whether you’re making a local move within New Jersey or a long-distance move from out of state, you’ll discover new things to do in your new hometown.

Here are some of the top activities to do and places to visit in Sewell, NJ:

  • Washington Lake Park
  • TD Bank Arts Centre
  • Ceres Park
  • Tall Pines State Reserve

Here are some of the best activities and places to see in Washington Township, NJ:

  • Washington Township Recreation Center
  • James G. Atkinson Memorial Park
  • New Jersey Wine Tours
  • Washington Township’s Washington Lake Park

Residents of these communities also have the opportunity to explore all the entertainment options Philadelphia has to offer. You can explore art museums and entertaining theater programs in the city. After you enjoy the city, you can sample delicious cuisine options, including American, Italian and Vietnamese-style foods.

Why You Need a Professional Mover in Washington Township and Sewell, New Jersey

Moving is a complex task, especially for people traveling long distances or who have large families or many bulky or valuable possessions. You want all your belongings to make it in one piece and get settled into your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible. The best way to streamline your moving process and make it more enjoyable is by hiring a professional moving company in Sewell or Washington Township, NJ.

  1. Reliability: Rather than asking friends or family, you know professional movers will be there to help.
  2. Peace of mind: Professional moving companies in Sewell or Washington Township, NJ, will know the best process to move all your belongings.
  3. Efficiency: You’ll have a time and date when you can expect your belongings to arrive at your new home.
  4. Safety: Professional movers know all the safety measures they should take during the moving process.
  5. Heavy lifting: You’ll leave the heavy boxes and other large items to furniture movers in Sewell or Washington Township, NJ.

The benefits of a professional moving company are well worth it when you can move into your new home stress-free. Furniture movers in Washington Township and Sewell are a smart investment for your next big move.


Perhaps it’s not you who’s moving to Washington Township or Sewell, NJ, but your business. You’ll find lots to love about the area. Washington Township offers fantastic resources for businesses and a welcoming community that will embrace you and your workers.

Hiring reliable office movers is the key to an easy transition. A business moving company offers endless peace of mind during what can be a challenging time. Shutting down your business for days while you undertake a leisurely move is not an option. You need to remain productive throughout your office relocation, and the only way to do that is to hire efficient commercial movers who know what to do.

Our staff has the experience and knowledge to help you move offices. You already know moving can be a daunting task. Commercial moves require expertise you may not have. Moving a filing cabinet, for instance, requires planning, precision and the proper tools so that you don’t end up with your files flying everywhere. Transporting sensitive electronic equipment, including computers, demands the right tools as well.

After helping so many others with their office moving, we can assist your company in relocating to Washington Township, NJ. We know the town, and we know the most efficient ways to move here. We understand the traffic, the parking and the building structures. Our insider information about Washington Township will help your move go smoothly and ensure your productivity remains high during your transition.

What are the benefits of hiring our office movers? We offer:

  • Quality guarantees: If any damages occur during the move, such as paint chipping off a wall or scuffs across a floor, we’ll fix them. You won’t even remember the problem was there.
  • Exceptional packing and unpacking: Our staff undergoes one-of-a-kind training to guide them on the best loading and unloading techniques as well as other ways to protect your valuable equipment.
  • Excellent service: Our courteous staff provides friendly service. You will enjoy your pleasant interactions with our movers, who will listen to all of your input and concerns.

Our team will develop a moving plan customized around your company’s needs. We’ll meet to discuss the details and ensure we have a full inventory of everything you need to be moved. By planning and scheduling everything ahead of time, we’ll make sure you feel prepared when we arrive on the day of the move. We’ll keep you organized with a color-coding system to ensure everything goes to the right place in your new location. We’ll even remove all the cartons after we are finished unpacking.

How to Get Started With Transtar Moving Systems

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