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Springfield, NJ


Your Guide to Living in Springfield, NJ

Located outside of New York City, Springfield offers a tight-knit, suburban community to raise your family. It’s one of the best places to live in New Jersey, with a diverse mix of young professionals and retirees. The school districts also have high ratings, giving your children a safe and productive place to learn. This moving guide will help you prepare for your move to Springfield, New Jersey.


Moving to Springfield, NJ, allows you to enjoy the perfect blend of rural and urban life. As you explore the town, you’ll find farms and fields, but you’ll also be within minutes of stores. You can also take a quick drive or train ride to New York City for work or entertainment.

Top Reasons to Move to Springfield, NJ

Springfield is a half-hour driving distance from New York City and Newark. Living in Springfield gives you the advantage of living near the city but with a small-town feel. You’ll find plenty to do in your new hometown, including relaxing in your backyard.

Things to Do in Springfield, NJ

Springfield offers a modest selection of attractions, such as the famous Baltusrol Golf Club, where you can get tickets to see a world golf tournament. Check out these exciting places to enjoy with your family:

  • Restaurants: Springfield has a variety of eateries that serve Mexican, Chinese and Italian cuisine, just to name a few. The Muscle Maker Grill focuses on eating healthy, while Scotty’s Steak House features a comedy club for entertainment during your meal.
  • Historical landmarks: Before Springfield was officially a town, it played a major role in the Revolutionary War. The Hutchings Homestead was one of the only houses that remained standing after the British destroyed the area during the War. Take a weekend to explore the historic sites in your local area.
  • Nature parks: Springfield also has thousands of acres dedicated to parks. Walk along the nature trails in Lenape Park or admire the wildlife at the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum in Short Hills.

Demographics of Springfield, NJ

Despite its small population, Springfield boasts a diverse community. Whether you have young kids or you’re retiring, you’ll feel right at home in this suburban township.

  • Population: Approximately 17,517 people live in Springfield Township, NJ.
  • Socioeconomic status: The median household income for Springfield residents is $114,296, and the median individual income is $57,265.
  • Careers: In Springfield, you’ll most likely find a job in education, healthcare and professional or technical services.
  • Commuters: The NJ Transit train brings residents of Springfield right into the city. Still, most commuters drive alone to work, and the average time it takes them to get to work is 31.7 minutes.
  • Race: About three-quarters of Springfield residents are Caucasian, but there are also smaller populations of Hispanic, Asian and African American people.
  • Sex: Since 55% of the population is female, women slightly outnumber men in the Springfield community.
  • Age: In general, the age brackets in Springfield provide an even percentage. About 19% of the population is over 65 years old, and about 20% of the population is under 18 years old.

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What to Know Before You Move to Springfield, NJ

Springfield is the ideal place to raise a family. It’s safe and quiet, and it boasts esteemed school districts to provide a quality education for your children. You can also commute to your job in the city and find an affordable home in this community. Along with the natural beauty of the parks around you, what more could you need?

  • Weather: The average weather in Springfield is similar to that of the rest of New Jersey. Generally, the state sees about 40 to 51 inches of rain each year and 13 to 50 inches of snow. In the winter, the temperature can get as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit and can climb as high as 100 degrees in the summer. In May, June and September, the weather is most pleasant, and the weather is least favorable in January and February.
  • Homes for sale: The median value of a home in Springfield, NJ, is $433,400. The Median cost of rent in the area is $1,673 per month.
  • School districts: At their highly rated school district, Springfield boasts approximately a 14 to 1 student-to-faculty ratio that allows them to have face-to-face contact with their teachers.


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How Our Moving Company in Springfield, NJ, Can Help

At Transtar Moving Systems, our premier moving company has the experience, equipment and technology needed to make your move to Springfield, New Jersey, go smoothly from start to finish. 

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Why People Choose Transtar Moving Systems as a Moving Company Near Springfield, NJ

As a moving company in Springfield, NJ, our team takes on the stressful parts of moving to prepare for this exciting time in your life. While we handle the heavy lifting, you can focus on saying goodbye to your current neighbors and making fun memories with those you love. Ask any of our trusted partnerships about our expertise in relocation services to discover why Transtar Moving Systems are reliable for Springfield, NJ, movers.

Springfield Moving Company and Packing Services – Our Process

At Transtar Moving Systems, we’re familiar with the local area, and we’ll help you navigate through the relocation process. Whether you’re from out of state or out of the country, contact our moving company in Springfield, NJ, to make your move easier.

The first step after initial contact is to visit your home and perform a free moving quote. After creating a competitive estimate based on your home’s square footage and the number of items you’re bringing with you, we’ll schedule your move on the calendar and help you with each step of the moving process.

While local moving is our specialty, we also provide the following moving services to bring you here from anywhere in the world:

  • Interstate moving: If you’re moving to New Jersey from out of state, our moving company near Springfield, NJ, has years of experience in this area to help you navigate the roads and take care of every step of the moving process.
  • Long-distance movingA long-distance move is any relocation that’s longer than 60 miles away from your location. Whether you need to move for work or need a change of pace, Transtar Moving Systems will take on the stress of bringing all your belongings to your new home in Springfield.
  • International moving: Moving to Springfield, NJ, from another country can be challenging, especially as you deal with customs and all the paperwork to live here. We specialize in moves to and from Canada, but we also extend our relocation services to more than 90 countries around the world. As far as moving companies in Springfield, NJ, go, we’re the one that’ll make your international move easy.

Transtar Moving Systems Has the Movers in Springfield, NJ, You Can Rely On

As you navigate through the moving process, you have a few items to check off your to-do list. Our award-winning company has served New Jersey and Pennsylvania for a few decades, so we know what it’s like to relocate your entire life to a new home. As a full-service moving company, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Packing: We provide the materials you need to keep your valuables safe during your move.
  • Storing: If you have a lapse of time between moving out of your old house and into your new one, we’ll temporarily store your items in our warehouses.

Contact Our Professional Movers in Springfield, NJ

When you’re ready to relocate with our movers in Springfield, NJ, contact Transtar Moving Systems for a free estimate on your local move. We will make sure your items get packed, transported and delivered efficiently and safely. For a free quote, request a free estimate online or call us at 855-720-7833.


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