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West Windsor, NJ

Your guide to living in West Windsor, NJ

New Jersey residents can list endless reasons the Garden State is one of the best places to live in the United States. With its proximity to major cities like New York City and Philadelphia, beautiful coastal beaches, quaint suburban areas and prestigious universities, New Jersey has an abundance to offer its residents.

Less than an hour outside of Philadelphia and neighboring the well-known Princeton University, you’ll find the lovely suburb of West Windsor, New Jersey. If you’re searching for one of the best towns to move to, whether for employment, schools or quality of life, West Windsor is a top contender.

Should You Move to West Windsor, NJ?

Whether you’re moving within New Jersey or moving to West Windsor, NJ, from another part of the country, you’ll quickly realize that the large suburb rightfully earned its high ratings. This New Jersey town is a diverse community providing a safe place for families to raise their children, good-paying job opportunities and many other benefits for residents.

If you’re considering moving to West Windsor, NJ, or need some more information before packing your belongings and calling a moving company, check out this guide to West Windsor and everything you need to know about this community.

Things to do in West Windsor, NJ

Things to Do in West Windsor, NJ

There’s an activity for every resident in West Windsor, NJ, regardless of their age. The town’s location makes it easy to find something to do.

If you’re looking to have fun in town, you can explore the various attractions residents enjoy.

  • Mercer County Park: With over 2,500 acres, Mercer County Park is the perfect spot for West Windsor residents to enjoy outdoor recreation. This park hosts numerous activities like biking, hiking, rowing, sailing, fishing and jogging. The park hosts events year-round and is a welcoming place for all ages.
  • Kelsey Theatre: Affectionately known as the hidden gem of the theater world in New Jersey, the Kelsey Theatre is an award-winning, semi-professional performing arts center offering various musicals, plays, children’s theater, dance programs and other entertainment year-round. They also provide volunteer opportunities for passionate supporters of the arts. The Kelsey Theatre is part of Mercer County Community College.
  • American Legion Centennial Memorial: The American Legion Centennial Memorial, sponsored by American Legion Post 76, commemorates the 100th anniversary of WWI and honors all veterans.
  • Market Fair Mall: This mall is an excellent place to satisfy your shopping desires in West Windsor. Enjoy shopping, dining and watch the latest blockbuster movie at Market Fair Mall.
  • BounceU: Kids and families visit BounceU to enjoy the various bounce houses.
  • Mercer Oaks Golf Course: This public golf course is where West Windsor residents enjoy a round of golf or practice their swing on the driving range.
  • Van Nest Park: Van Nest Park is a pleasant outdoor area to enjoy in West Windsor. You will also find informative signage regarding the 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.
  • AR Workshop West Windsor: Create custom home decor at AR Workshop West Windsor. This DIY boutique encourages residents to nurture their creative side.
  • Duck Pond Park: This park offers numerous sports fields and courts for tennis, soccer, basketball and sand volleyball. You can also enjoy picnic areas and a 60-acre nature preserve at Duck Pond Park in West Windsor.

Living in West Windsor, NJ, also puts you within a stone’s throw of all the attractions and entertainment available in the nearby metropolises of Philadelphia and New York City.

Demographics of West Windsor, NJ

West Windsor, NJ, offers something for everyone. Having some of the best-rated schools in the state of New Jersey makes this place attractive to many families with young children.

This populated suburb is also excellent for career-minded professionals, with various job opportunities in West Windsor and surrounding areas.

You can find beautiful homes in West Windsor, NJ, with the median home value at $620,600. Once you find your dream house in this charming town, you can find helpful movers in Mercer County, NJ, to help make your new house a cozy home.

Top Reasons to Move to West Windsor, NJ

Choosing West Windsor, NJ, as your new home is one of the best decisions you’ll make. This welcoming town is growing rapidly, thanks to its broad appeal.

If you’re looking for more reasons to call West Windsor home, check out these top reasons to move to West Windsor, NJ.

  • Schools: If you have children or plan to start a family, West Windsor is an excellent place to raise your children because of the public and private schools. West Windsor has some of the best public schools in New Jersey, all ranking over an A.
  • Commute: If you work in New York City or Philadelphia and want to live in the suburbs, West Windsor is a wise choice. The commute to either of these cities is easy, with direct train routes to both cities. If you prefer to drive, you’ll also have interstate access.
  • Outdoor activities: West Windsor hosts numerous outdoor recreational activities and parks where residents can enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Crime and safety: West Windsor has significantly lower crime rates compared to the national average.
  • Employment: This growing town received an A grade for its job market, employment rates and business growth. The median household income in West Windsor is $169,312.

Commercial Office Movers in West Windsor, NJ

The lively atmosphere of West Windsor also makes it a great place to consider for your commercial business relocation. Along with our fantastic residential moving services, Transtar Moving Systems is fully licensed and insured to help you plan, manage and successfully execute a seamless office or business moving experience.

Our Commercial Moving Process

When you choose us to assist in your move, we break it down into four easily digestible steps:

  1. Developing a moving plan: To start, we’ll assign you a Moving Consultant to help you create a detailed plan and schedule for your move. You’ll also create an inventory list to make sure nothing gets left behind.
  2. Tagging and marking: Using our color-coded labels, we’ll mark your furniture and boxes so we know where to unpack them.
  3. Packing up: While some companies prefer to do the packing on their own, Transtar Moving Systems wants to help with as much of the packing as you need. Our experienced movers will make sure anything delicate and valuable is carefully packaged and transported.
  4. Moving: When moving day finally arrives, our team will complete the unpacking process, or you can take care of it yourself. Then, we’ll remove all the cartons from the premises so you can focus on settling into your new building.

Office Moving Company Packing Solutions

Our office movers have decades of experience. Over the years, we’ve learned from and evolved the way we pack and the tools we use. Now, we have a precise method that utilizes a variety of packing solutions to help ensure the safety of everything we move. Along with an endless supply of stretch wrap, boxes and other packing materials, we provide:

  • Library carts: Fit up to 16 boxes of packing into just one of our library carts. Simply pack everything in, then we’ll use clear cellophane to seal it for transportation. The transparent material and wheeled cart make it simple to unpack.
  • E-CRATES®: As an eco-friendly alternative to boxes, we also have New Haven’s patented E-CRATE® systems available.
  • Color-coded labels: Plan out your office layout in advance using these color-coded and numeric labels so that everything goes where it needs to.
  • Custom poly sleeves: Pack up smaller items like cords and computer keyboards in these transparent protective sleeves.

Using the best tools at our disposal, our over 70 full-time employees will help make even the largest moving processes manageable for you.

Work With the Best Movers in West Windsor, NJ

You’ve decided to make the big move to West Windsor, NJ. After you’ve found your new home or office space, it’s time to figure out how you’re getting all your belongings there safely and efficiently. While it’s possible to tackle a move by yourself, it can be tricky. By hiring movers in West Windsor Township, NJ, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your items will make it to your new home while you can focus on other aspects of moving.

Hiring professional movers helps make the moving process safer, more organized and less stressful. If you’re searching for residential or business moving companies in West Windsor, NJ, look no further than Transtar Moving Systems. We offer high-quality moving services across New Jersey and can assist in local residential moves and out-of-state moves to West Windsor Township, NJ.

Contact Transtar today to help with your next move

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