Weekday vs. Weekend Move: What is The Best Day of the Week to Move?

Weekday vs. Weekend: What's the Best Day to Move?

Did you know that the United States is one of the most “geographically mobile” countries in the world? That’s right. A recent Gallup poll found that nearly 24 percent of American adults reported moving within the geographical United States sometime in the last five years. That’s nearly a quarter of the entire adult population. What’s ironic about this statistic is that people hate moving. It’s hard. It’s stressful. And typically after you’ve moved, you swear you’ll never move again. But, the truth is that, on average, an American will live in 11 different residences during their lifetime.

With so many Americans moving so frequently, it’s no wonder that moving has become a dreaded, stressful undertaking. While you might not be able to avoid all of the stress that’s associated with relocation, there are things you can do to cut back on stress in certain areas. One of the biggest questions people have to answer when they decide to move is, “When should I move?” Sometimes people don’t have a choice. But most of the time, it’s up to you to choose what day you want a moving company to arrive to load up your belongings. So, the question really becomes, “What’s the best day of the week to move?”

Some people say that a weekday provides the best bang for your buck. Others swear that the convenience of the weekend can’t be beat. But it’s not really that cut and dried. When you’re deciding what day of the week to move, there are a few main factors to consider.

What’s the Cheapest Day of the Week to Move?

The short answer to this question is that it’s cheaper to move on a weekday — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Simply put, most moving companies offer better rates during the week because they aren’t as busy then. However, when it comes to deciding if cheaperis actually better, you may want to stop and consider your options.

1. Pros to Moving on a Weekday

Weekday vs. Weekend Move: What is The Best Day of the Week to Move?
  • Lower costs: You’re likely to find better moving company rates during the week. You may even find that the savings you get moving during the week will offset costs associated with losing a day of work.
  • Extra money for other moving-related expenses: A lot of people apply the money saved on having the moving company handle some of their packing. Moving is even less stressful when you don’t have to deal with the hassle of boxes and bubble wrap and organization. When you use a professional packing service, you ensure that your belongings are safely packed and properly labeled, leaving you to handle the big picture.
  • Less stress: Have kids? If you’re moving during the school year, a weekday move will give you the freedom to get things moved while they are at school, if you’re staying in town. It can also help you avoid nosy neighbors and people who might want to distract you from the task at hand. Depending on which day you choose for your move — and how many days you take off from work — a weekday move can also allow you more time to get unpacked and organized before returning to work.
  • Quicker access to utilities: When you’re moving, most people schedule utilities to begin service ahead of time. But if you arrive at your new home and find that your gas or electricity isn’t working, you’ll likely have an easier time contacting the utility company and having the issue resolved promptly since you will be calling during regular business hours.

2. Cons of Moving on a Weekday

  • Loss of work time: The downside to moving on a weekday is that you’ll miss at least a day of work — maybe more depending on the distance you’ll be traveling. Some people just don’t want to take that much time away from the office or, depending on their work, may not be able to at that time.
  • Loss of school time: If you’re moving in the summertime, this most likely isn’t an issue, but for families moving during the school year, a weekday move can potentially disrupt a child’s school schedule, particularly if a child is going to be switching schools.
  • Limited help: While you may be paying a company to move you — and even do some of the packing — you may also need help from a few friends or family members to get everything packed and transported to your new home. If you move during the week, you may not be able to find as much help since most people will be working.

3. Pros of Moving on a Weekend

Weekday vs. Weekend Move: What is The Best Day of the Week to Move?
  • Less likely to miss work: Moving on the weekend can be great because, as we mentioned, it minimizes the amount of time you’re away from the office. And, since nearly half of all interstate moves within the United States are related to work opportunities, your job plays a major role in deciding the best time to pack up your household. It ensures that your move won’t disrupt your workflow or cut into the vacation time you’re saving up for the holidays or your annual trip to the beach.
  • Less likely to miss school: If you move on a weekend, your child won’t miss important instructional days at school. If they are attending a new school as a result of the move, a weekend move will allow them to start at their new school at the beginning of a new week which may ease their transition.
  • Less traffic: Besides the need to minimize a work absence, moving over the weekend can be more convenient because, depending on your route, you may not encounter the rush hour traffic that you’d find during the week. However, this isn’t always the case. A lot of areas do experience weekend congestion due to the large numbers of people who are running errands, heading to activities, or are traveling for vacation, so you’ll want to factor in the conditions in your specific area.

4. Cons of Moving on a Weekend

  • Moving companies tend to be busy: Weekends, holidays and during the summer are the “peak” times that most people try to move, meaning that moving companies are always busier during these times. If a weekend move is your only option, expect to pay higher — although not necessarily unreasonable — rates. You should also plan to book them as far in advance as possible because their weekend schedules fill up first.
  • Less time to unpack: While moving over the weekend can be great for getting you back to work on time, it leaves you less time for unpacking. While some people can simply ignore the stacks of boxes and head off to their office, others may get stressed out when they don’t have some time to start unpacking and settling into their new home before heading back to work.

Moving Company Availability: Weekend vs. Weekday

A reliable mover will be able to provide you with an in-depth estimate for your projected moving expenses, which includes any additional charges that you might incur moving during a peak time. When they do that, it’s also a great time to ask about alternatives, especially if you have any flexibility within your moving timetable. Why? Because some movers may offer discounts for you to move on their slower days, which are typical during the week. 

While cost can certainly be a big factor in selecting a moving company, it isn’t the only thing you need to consider. A mover who offers you a great deal isn’t going to work out if they can’t come when you need them. Ask specifically about the days they work and the hours they keep. If you need to move over the weekend, look for a company whose movers work on Saturdays and Sundays. Keep in mind most people want a weekend move, so you’ll want to schedule your move as far in advance as possible. Otherwise, the company you want to work with may already be booked, especially if you’re moving during the spring or summer months.

What’s the Most Convenient Time to Move?

There is actually a convenient time to move. And, in fact, a reputable moving company most likely is going to expect you to follow their lead on this one. What’s the right time? Typically the first thing in the morning is best, somewhere between 8 and 10 a.m. There are three reasons for this:

  • It’s not as hot in the morning: That’s right. A lot of times moving strategy is going to come down to the weather. Since more people tend to move during the spring and summer months, the temperature is going to be a factor in when movers will want to come out to haul your furniture around. Early morning moves provide movers with cooler temperatures to work in, maximizing their abilities and keeping them moving quickly.
  • Traffic is better: If you opt for a weekday move, scheduling your move earlier in the day can help you avoid rush hour, putting the movers in transit between morning and evening rush hours.
  • You have the rest of the day to unpack: Ever found yourself pawing through stacks of boxes at 9 p.m., looking for a pair of sheets and a blanket to sleep on? When your move stretches into the evening hours, you’ll find yourself worn out even before you’ve had a chance to get the “essentials” unpacked. No one wants to sleep on an uncovered mattress or in an armchair because they didn’t have time to unpack a few important items. If you schedule the movers to arrive between 8 and 10 a.m., depending on how far they have to travel, they can be done and have the truck unloaded at your new location by mid-afternoon. This will leave you the rest of the day to start unpacking the essentials, like a Chinese food takeout menu and your most comfortable pillow.
Weekday vs. Weekend Move: What is The Best Day of the Week to Move?

How Do I Decide What Time to Move is Best for Me?

Convenience in moving is going to look different for everyone. While one person may find that a weekday is going to fit their needs and budget the best, another person may have no choice but to wait until their weekend off. So before you start looking for a moving company, ask yourself, “What do I need to make this move as easy as possible for me?” There could be many answers to this question, so the best thing you can do is sit down and write out a list answering these more specific questions:

  • What day of the week would I prefer to move on? Why?
  • What time of day would I prefer to move? Why?
  • Can I be flexible with my preferred day or time?

Once you answer those three questions, you can start evaluating your options. Don’t be afraid to call several companies and ask detailed questions about their costs and availability. Once you find two or three options, have them come out to your home and provide you with a detailed estimate. This is really important. While any company can give you generalized pricing over the phone, a reputable moving company will send someone out to see your home and more accurately provide a quote based on your specific needs.

Consider Transtar Moving Systems as your South Jersey Moving Company

The rule of thumb, whether moving on a weekend or a weekday, is to plan early to make sure all your bases are covered. The goal, whether hiring movers for a weekday or a weekend, is to have the most stress-free move possible. While even the best moving company can’t take all the stress out of the moving process, they can certainly do their best to minimize the stress you experience and help ease the transition from your old home to your new one. That’s why it’s so important to find a trustworthy, experienced moving company like Transtar Moving Systems.

Weekday vs. Weekend Move: What is The Best Day of the Week to Move?

We have more than 30 years of experience in moving and storage. We’ve been named the #1 residential moving agent in the country. And, quite simply, we care for our clients as we would our own families. We know that moving can be stressful and emotional, and it’s our goal to use our knowledge and expertise to minimize those things for you.

While we work regularly with clients on interstate, long-distance and even international moves, we pride ourselves on especially serving our local community. We started out as a small moving and storage company outside Cherry Hill, N.J. Today we have expanded to include commercial and residential moves, automobile transportation, distribution and logistics, and storage and packing services. Our history combined with our growing range of services means we know South Jersey inside and out, and we love helping our clients determine the best days and times to move based on the logistics specific to our area. If you need a moving company that knows how to account for the traffic, tolls and other intricacies specific to a move within the South Jersey/Philly area, you can’t go wrong with Transtar.

Transtar is dedicated to caring for our clients from the first phone call until the last box is unloaded. If you’re planning a move, we’d be proud to earn your business. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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