Best Ways To Survive That Big Moving Day!

Guide To Surviving Your Moving Day

Moving into a new home can be exciting; however, it can also be a real challenge. A transition from one home to another that has the least amount of stress requires good organization, which must start long before local moving companies arrive to begin packing. From finding the best residential moving systems to unpacking that final box at a new home – tackling a substantial move with a good plan is the best way to keep things under control. Moving day is always busy and can indeed be stressful, especially once moving services arrive and work begins. Taking care of all pertinent details ahead of time ensures that most problems can be prevented.

Plan Early

There are many plans that must be made when making a move, and it is always best to start early. Looking into moving services and getting estimates should be started at least two months or more ahead of time in order to book the desired moving dates once a local moving company has been selected. Be sure to look into all the details about the move, such as what services are included, company policies on insurance, payment policies, and delivery, to name a few important details.

Other important planning should include setting up utility services at the new home and turning off services at the current location; preparing pets for the move; considering relocation options for fragile or difficult-to-move items, etc. Once a residential moving system has been chosen and a move date scheduled, plan for personal travel to the new home. This is also a good time to research things like schools, doctors, home services, and anything else that may be required when settled into a new home.

Lighten Up

Everyone seems to accumulate items that really aren’t needed. Unpacking unwanted or unneeded things at a new home is really not necessary. One of the first tasks that can be done at this time is to hold a moving sale to sell unwanted belongings – or consider donating them to charity if garage sales just isn’t something you like to do. The fewer items any moving services must move, the less work is involved and the easier it will be to keep an accurate inventory of things through the process.

Gather Important Items

As moving day draws closer, it is essential to gather necessary items required for making a transition from one home to another – such as clothing, toiletries, medical and pet records, electronic devices and chargers, and anything else required to get from Point A to Point B.

Pack Well and Take Inventory

Start early by purchasing necessary packing supplies and sorting out infrequently used items that can be packed early. Use strong boxes, create a labeling system, and label boxes well so it will be easy to find specific items after delivery. Writing on each box the specific room where the belongings will be unpacked is helpful. Keep a running inventory as boxes are filled and learn the proper way to pack specific items, such as breakables. Allowing local moving companies to take care of the packing just about guarantees a good job will be done, with good quality packing materials – and it will always be more convenient.

Final Arrangements Before Moving Day

Once moving day arrives, it is so helpful when some items have already been handled. Arrange for mail forwarding, setting up new bank accounts if necessary, and notify any type of creditor of the new address. Confirm moving arrangements, any hotel stays that may be needed, boarding for pets if that is required, and anything else that can be pre-arranged so there are no surprises once moving day finally arrives. Confirm any necessary insurance policies, and update addresses with those companies as well.

When going through the stress of a big move, you can help ensure peace of mind by working with the best residential moving systems, whose experience can help anyone feel more confident about a transition from one house to another, and especially the safe arrival of personal property and belongings. The amount of details involved in making any move are many; however, with good planning ahead of time, anyone can survive!

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